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Aura Healing Colour Oracle Reading

Aura Healing Colour Oracle
Free Online Aura Healing Colour Oracle Cards

Free Online Aura Healing Colour Oracle Reading. Let the colour oracle reveal the colour to meditate upon and call into your aura for healing. With this two oracle card spread designed to entice the right energy into your aura space.

Aura Healing Colour Oracle Free Online

The clothes we wear the car we drive and the houses we live in all have a colour and at some time in our lives, we were attracted to those colours. Ever put a shirt on in the morning and been pleased with it only to find by the afternoon you change it for another shirt one that feels more appropriate to your mood. Colour expresses the mood of our character and our relationship to the world. There are positive and negative energies in all colours and the way we feel enhances those qualities.

Being aware of colour magic can change your world, for example, the normal nonthinking thing to do, is when you are upset or a little withdrawn you will choose dark colours navy blues, blacks, dark greens etc. Those colours you chose just reflected your mood perfectly without a thought. Now the next time you go to put on a new set of clothes check your feelings emotions and general well-being. If you find your feeling down then choose a colour that will lift your mood rather than keep it in its present state. Example:  I’ve had a rotten night’s sleep got work early I’m tired already, with a little more thought on how can I make this day better I choose a bright red shirt to give me some energy a set of long white trousers to uplift my mood detoxifying my spirit. Next, I choose bright blue shoes to remind to look up ! its the colour of the sky.

Aura colour yellow meaning

Yellow is the colour of well-being and happiness. People who wear a yellow aura emit a contagious joy, one which is felt in the heart. A dominantly yellow aura hints at a spiritual person with a bubbly personality. Yellow aura colour with hints of brown shows signs of someone not coping with an aspect of their lives, leading to heightened emotions and mental stress. People with this colour combination find it difficult to seek help and are less likely to communicate problems to others.

Aura meaning colour green

Green is the colour of relaxation. Aura colour light green signifies peace and tranquillity calm and composed. Aura colour dark green, however, means the opposite to have tension and anxiety. Emerald green reveals a trained mind at peace with oneself.


How To Use The Aura Healing Colour Oracle Cards

Step one click or tap the shuffle button, click or tap the flip card button located at the bottom of the colour oracle cards. Repeat this process until you strike a colour oracle card match. Proceed to click or tap the colour card to reveal the colours meaning.

Once you have found your healing colour meditate upon its shade, brightness, contrast and hue. Ask your guides and angels to help you bring this healing colour into your aura. Absorb its healing powers through visualization and meditation. Calling colour into the aura has amazing benefits especially if we are tired, ill and stressed. © psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards

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