Awakening Breaking the Illusion

Spiritual Awakening

One of questions that keeps rising is what does awake mean ?

spiritual awakening

Spiritually Awake means different things to different people. To some it can mean realizing that the “powers that be” do exist and don’t have our best interests in mind.

To me, it means realizing that my potential is limitless. That my intuition is more powerful and spot on than I’ve been led to believe. That through research and free will I get to decide what is right and wrong for me and my family.

Consciousness Shift

Spiritually Awake means finally realizing I am allowed to fight for what I believe in, that if something doesn’t feel right, I have the right to question it. Awake also means that I will have opposition on my journey, but I have woken up and I know I have the strength to face every opponent and obstacle head on. Ultimately, for me, Awake means knowing I think and see things differently and that its OK. © Angela Soya


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