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Ban Adblockers they are killing the free internet, please
help make people aware. Content creators need your support. Ian Scott

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Ban Ad Blockers They’re Killing The Free Internet

Ad Blockers, “yes” some websites overload you with ads and it is annoying, I agree. If done correctly ads are useful not only to the reader but the site owner as well. Free to air television is free because they make their money from ads, right, I’m sure you knew that.

Websites, news, articles and content creators offer free content, how do they do this, through the use of ads. If ad blockers are used the money stops coming the website owner is forced to pay costs as well as offer free content. Everyone wants something for free, but at what cost.

Support Content Creators

All most all content creators simply ask for you to put up with a few ads here and there, so when you come to visit next time, the website is still there and has fresh content. This is because somehow we all have to be paid right, we love doing what we do, but we can’t do it without compensation and reward, ask yourself would you do it for nothing or can you afford to do it for nothing. After all, it is free to you, nothing is blocked no articles are made to be paid for, just a little look at some ads and your right to go.

The irony of all this is, ad blocker apps and browser extensions charge for the use of their ad blocker software, if not they ask for donations. Can we all see the irony here, you pay the adblockers to watch and read content which others work really hard in producing. Literally stopping any content from being produced to look at.

Everything works the same free to air television, you see ads on buses, trains, planes and everywhere you look why should the internet be any different. This is what keeps all business moving, ads, would you rather pay for everything you look at?

Ad blockers need to be made illegal this is a huge problem not to mention immoral, if it continues, the content creators will stop creating content, there will be nothing to watch or read on the internet. Ad companies will go broke, so will google, no more searching, the land of free content will be like a ghost town. Eventually, we will have stop users viewing our content if they use adblockers. © psychic medium Ian Scott. And if you’re still not convinced adblockers are bad, if you or any of your family and friends own a business they too cannot advertise because no one will see their ad.

Awareness brings change. Ban Ad Blockers

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3 Responses

  1. Psychic Medium Ian Scott says:

    I agree, although if you wanted to advertise your business no one will see your ad, over 300.000 million downloads of Adblocker plus so far.

  2. mattsimpleton555 says:


  3. mattsimpleton555 says:

    I used to use it, though. BUT NOT ANYMORE!