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What Is A Bind Runestone?

What is a bind runestone? The spiritual esoteric metaphysical meaning
and symbolism behind bind runes. psychic medium Ian Scott.

bind runes
Bind Rune

What Is A Bind Runestone

What are bind runes? What’s their purpose? To increase the power and combine two or more of the rune stones magic into one positive precise magic symbol. The ancient practice is known as binding or combined rune magick. In the example below this bindrune is specifically designed for personal protection. These bind runes will only work when made and carved by a shaman.

Bind Rune Talisman Fehu And Uraz

This protection rune stone amulet pictured above is a bind rune a combination of Fehu and Uraz from Freyr’s Aett of the elder futhark or Viking runes. It is specifically designed for the highest protection from the supernatural to physical harm. A powerful talisman of total protection.

runeFehu Rune Meaning

Connected to the cat and elder tree. Fehu rune is a good omen, one of fruitfulness, success, passion, and luck. Fehu is based on teamwork a collaboration of people working towards a single goal. In which, you play an important part in its success.

A sharing quality inhabits the rune of Fehu flowing energy to pass it on, keeping the wealth and abundance moving through the people, group, or herd (cattle) as in this case. New life, born from the ashes with the power of feminine magick. Continue reading Fehu>


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Uruz Rune Meaning

Connected to the birch tree and great strength, Uruz asks where do our strengths lie. What weaknesses do we need to work on to turn them into strengths? Physical energy comes from the fuel we place into our bodies. The rune Uruz explores our energy levels and our thoughts on our everyday tasks.

If we suffer a lack of energy although our diet is good we need to look spiritually. Do our thoughts contain excitement and joy when we think of the day’s tasks? If no finding physical energy is no easy task. This lore of Uruz lies in all areas of life, relationships, work, hobbies, and friends if what we are doing does not ignite the soul, depression, and a lack of energy sets in. The rule of self-guidance.  Continue Reading Uruz>

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