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9 Ways To Build Your Character

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Build Your Character

 Choose Your Destiny

100 percent of who we are,
is determined by our actions,
not only to others but also ourselves.

Thought and talk,
only have power,
after they are put into action.

Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Awareness

Build Your Character Questionnaire

If you answer yes to all of the questions in each section then you truly do have that particular character trait. If you answer No to any one of these questions than it is just an idea that you hold, a lovely thought but it is not a true character trait.

In action, in practice we are 

Loving – Do you tell the people around you, that you love them regularly? Do you perform loving gestures for yourself and others? Do you genuinely care about the people around you?.

Honest – Are you honest with yourself and others ?. Do you practice honesty? Regardless of the consequences are you willing to be honest?. Do you believe honesty is the best policy?.

Trusted – Do you trust yourself ? if you do not it is impossible to trust others. Do you trust others ?. Do you allow people the chance to earn your trust ?. Can people count on you?

A loving honest person is worth trusting 

Kind – Do you practice acts of kindness when the opportunity arrives ?. Do you practice being courteous to others? Do you feel kindness in your heart?

Generous – Do you give your time generously to family and friends ?. Are you willing to share in abundance? When you’re needs are met do you then take care of others?

Thoughtful – Do you think of others needs? Do you think of how others may be feeling ?. Are you consciously aware of what is going on around you or are you deep in internal thoughts?

Over thinking leads to non-action 

Honour – Do you have a sense of what is right and what is wrong? Do you stand for what is right? Are all your dealings with others honest and without greed?

Respect – Do you respect yourself? Do you respect others without judgment? Are you willing to respect everyone’s rights as human beings?

Wise – Do you stop and think before you act? Do you ask yourself before acting is this for my highest good? Do you use your powers of foresight?

Of course like in all things in life, there are opposites to these character traits. Negativity needs no attention here, it is popular enough. Our choices in life, predict our future selves and our future itself. The all-powerful angel, lives inside all of us, breaking free from limited thought and self-placed constraints enable us to choose who we want to be. Not who we think we should be. Choose your destiny! © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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  1. kradzioch

    I would say that I work toward all of these traits but I still do have more work to do. I would like to say yes to every one of them but, honestly, I can not say that truthfully at the current moment. This is a good list worth practicing.