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Take Care of Your Mind and Soul According to Your Zodiac

Simple and nourishing Self-care is more than just taking care of your body.
Take Care of Your Mind and Soul According to Your Zodiac

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Self-care doesn’t just involve nourishing our physical state, but other facets in life such as mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It’s something you need to make time for in order to rejuvenate yourself. Caring for your mind and soul is something people often forget, because “life happened”.

In astrology, it’s believed that the zodiac energy can influence the way we heal and treat ourselves. Here’s how each sign should take care of their mind and soul.

Take Care of Your Mind and Soul According to Your Zodiac


Meditate or take a restorative yoga class

Aries are notorious for always being on the go. The fast-paced lifestyle you are living may catch up to you, and before you know it, you may feel fatigued or overwhelmed. For this reason, it would do you good to take a breather by meditating or attending a gentle yoga flow class. Just soak up the present moment and let your worries and to-do lists float away.


Indulge in a warm bath or go to a spa

Taurus folks are naturally materialistic, so they already know what will make them happy. Go to a resort, treat yourself, and indulge all your five senses! You can DIY this too by getting your favourite bath bombs, playing some soothing music, lighting aromatherapy candles, and creating a haven out of your bathtub for a couple of hours.


Solve a puzzle

Whether it’s words, numbers, or even a riddle, keeping the brain stimulated is relaxing for a Gemini. Instead of thinking of deadlines and continuously planning for the future, go ahead and indulge in a fun brain teaser instead. Bonus: Make things exciting by going into an escape room with friends!


Spend quality time with your loved ones

Sometimes, the best form of self-care is just knowing that you’re loved. Surround yourself with your favourite people and spend the day with them. Relish in the feeling that you are loved and needed, and create happier moments with the people around you.


Take an art class

Leos are a lively bunch. The best way to get out all of that emotion is to do something with your hands. Draw, paint, cook, craft something—the possibilities are endless. Art is therapeutic to many and can be the perfect catharsis and a form of self-expression.


Design a bullet journal

It’s no secret that the detail-oriented Virgo loves having things in order, which is why designing a bullet journal would be perfect for you. Take the time to sit down and create a weekly or monthly spread. Since you’ll never run out of days in a week or things to do, you can make this a periodic habit while accomplishing your goals. Win-win!


Check-in with your emotions

You’re probably always in tune to your logical side to satisfy your inner moral compass. However, it’s equally important to take a step back and check in on how you’re feeling, too. Open up to a friend, write on your blog or journal, and be aware of your emotions. It doesn’t hurt to acknowledge them every once in a while.


Go for an early morning swim

Known for being very intense, you think deeply and often wonder about the purpose of life. Unwind and go for an early morning swim and watch the sky turn from sunrise to bright blue hues. Just revel in the beauty that life has to offer and be grateful for what you see around you.


Go on a day trip

Tap into your adventurous side and go on a day trip. It could be to the beach, a new cafe you’ve wanted to check out, an amusement park—whatever floats your boat. Just get out of the house and explore your surroundings. Be as spontaneous as possible!


Do some gardening

You love nature and are in touch with it—so let’s bring in some earthy activity to help you take care of your mental and spiritual well-being. Try to do some gardening in your backyard. If you don’t have a yard, do this with potted plants and decorate your room with them. If you want something more low maintenance, try doing this with succulents. The whole process will refresh you!


Volunteer for a cause

Find your passion and join a group where you can bond with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s charity efforts or environmental work, you’ll enjoy whatever you’ll get your hands on as long as you are surrounded by people who have the same genuine interests as you.


Watch a rom-com movie

Pisces-born people tend to bottle up their emotions and absorb their family and friends’ emotions as well. Take it easy with a fun rom-com to keep your worries at bay. Your emotional self will appreciate this while putting happier, lighter thoughts in your mind.

If you’re feeling a little blue, these simple activities are easy ways to bring happiness and balance back to your life. Remember: time spent caring for yourself is always worth it. © Oscar West Astrology

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