Cast Aside the Failures of Yesterday A Spiritual Poem

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Cast Aside the Failures of Yesterday
Forget the Peaks and Valleys that Paved your way
Wipe the Sweat off your brows and the Dust off your Shoes
Take a Breath and Relax so you may begin anew

Forget the Burdens and Obstacles that Held you Back
Focus on your Dreams and Prepare a Plan of Attack
There are Battles awaiting to Challenge your Success
Daring you to Stand Tall n give it your Best
No matter how great the Journey or how Rough the Road..

Look at Your Shadow, it is a reflection on the Ground
It Must be Distinct if it is to be Found
Step out of the Darkness n into the Light
Display your Personal Talents without a Fright
A day will come when your Called to Lead
Do not Shrink from your Chance to Succeed
Move to the Forefront and Take Control
Seize the Challenges of Life and be Bold

Don’t let Someone else Take your Place
You are a Unique Member of the Human Race
As shadows Spring Fourth from the Setting Sun
Take a Moment and Savour the Battles you’ve Won
Sleep Peacefully tonight and Enjoy your Rest
Awaken tomorrow and Continue on your Quest…Wendee Valencia 


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