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Cat Poem Warrior Cat

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cat poem
A poem about cats sleeping

Cat Poem Spiritual

” Look she’s sleeping again ”
A cat’s wisdom is not to tell
A cat has a belief we will see things,
clearly in the end.

So a special treat
a cat’s thoughts on sleep

” I’m not sleeping at all ”
I’m in relaxation,
Some may say a state of meditation

I have places to go
other cat’s to see,
and children to protect,
I do this best when you think I’m asleep

With my eye’s closed
I’m in another dimension,
not too far from yours,
just a little left in the subsection

So you see I’m not sleeping
I’m looking after you,
protecting, exploring together
knowing forever

The astral world
is where I do my work,
and for that, I have to be asleep

I’m your warrior cat
with a friend named bat
together we protect you,
when night falls

© by psychic medium Ian ScottNature’s Oracle Cards


3 Responses

  1. irenedesign2011

    Very beautiful Ian. I think that my cats agree :-D

    • Thrive On News

      oh how cool thanks

  2. Wendy Gillissen

    I love it! Finally, cats get some recognition for their work!☺