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Otter Spirit Animal Meaning

otter spirit animal meaning

Otter spirit animal totem meaning both spiritual and metaphysical. Do you have the personality traits of the otter totem? Otter Spirit Animal Totem This beautiful creature is a little goddess in her own right. She encompasses the word woman with her empathy, sympathy, and compassion at the forefront of her mind. … Read more

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Kiwi Meaning Spirit Animal

The supernatural power of birds Kiwi Spirit Animal Meaning, the metaphysical,magickal and spiritual symbology behind the unique bird the kiwi totem. New Zealand is an ancient land with an ancient culture. Tribal community magic is at the forefront of its people and plants and animals. Unique ancestral earth magic. The Kiwi … Read more

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Pheonix Bird Meaning

pheonix bird spiritual meaning

What is the Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning? Learn the Pheonix bird powers and metaphysical symbolism in this ancient mythological creature. Pheonix Bird Spiritual Meaning The spiritual meaning of the Pheonix is mystical, magical and immortal. The spiritual message of the Pheonix is learning the art of turning a negative situation or … Read more

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Peacock Meaning And Symbolism

peacock spiritual meaning

Peacock spiritual meaning and symbolic signs and messages from spirit. Animal totem wisdom from psychic medium Ian Scott. Peacock Spiritual Meaning The peacock spiritual meaning is one of immortality, resurrection, integrity, strength, and honour. What are your true colours? Peacock speaks of revealing your own truth to yourself and others. Finding … Read more

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Dragon Metaphysical Meaning

dragon metaphysical meaning

Dragon Metaphysical Meaning. Having dragon as your totem animal or a spirit animal is a path of spiritual development and enlightenment. Spirit Animal Dragon Metaphysical Meaning And Symbolism. Born from myth and legend the dragon holds great spiritual and magical significance. The metaphysical magic and secrets of the astral serpent revealed. … Read more

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What’s My Animal Totem?

whats my animal totem

Learn what your animal totem is? Complete with spiritual meaning, colour, elemental clan, direction and plant association. Native American Astrology The Wheel In the Native American tradition, everything in life forms a circle, the circle of life. Noticing the Sun moves in a circle, from morning to night and back again … Read more

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