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Astrology Moon Planner 2020

Astrology moon planner 2020

Astrological Moon Planner 2020 Australia, new and full moon, star signs, times and dates. With meanings and runestone, animal spirit readings for each moon phase from psychic medium Ian Scott. Astrological Moon Planner 2020 Astrology new and full moon phases for 2020. Each phase of the moon has a metaphysical reading attached. Reading the animal … Read more

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Moon Phases 2019 Astrology And Spiritual Planner

moon phases 2019 astrology

New And Full Moon Phases 2019 Astrology and spiritual meanings designed for use as a personal metaphysical planner/calendar. Each new and full moon has a divination element involved from an animal spirit to a runestone. These are metaphysical influences affecting the moon phases © as channeled by psychic medium Ian Scott. >>> subscribe to the … Read more

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Venus Planet Meaning

venus planet meaning

Venus planet meaning is pure desire… an energy of love, balance, and harmony. It is the ability to appreciate and to value… to love and be loved. Venus Spiritual Meaning Glyph:  Hand Mirror Deity:  Goddess of Love and Harmony Rules:  Taurus and Libra Metal:  Copper Composition:  Terrestrial Month:  June Day: Friday Venus Energy:   Yin.  Sensual … Read more

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What Elemental Sign Are You?

element meanings astrology

Element meanings The Astrology influences of the element meaning fire, water, air, earth which one determines your elemental vibration? The 4 Element Meanings Astrology The alchemical makeup of the earth and the universe is built upon the four elements. They are the foundations of all earth magic. We all live by and are ruled by … Read more

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Blue Moon Meaning

july full moon

Blue moon meaning is the zenith of moon power throughout the year, be sure to create and let go of your magical energy for the manifestation of this blue moon. Blue Moon Meaning Spiritual A full Blue moon is the zenith of moon power throughout the year, be sure to create and let go of your magical energy … Read more

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Jupiter Planet Meaning

Jupiter Planet meaning Astrology

Jupiter planet meaning expands whatever it touches. Large, extravagant, tactless, happy. He influences education, travel, wisdom, and ethics among others. Jupiter Planet Meaning Astrology Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system, fifth in order from the Sun. Expansion, wealth, an abundance of spiritual knowledge and expression benevolence and luck. Jupiter Gods Jupiter is the God of gods. Astrology … Read more

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Celebrating The New Moon

moon planet meaning

All about the Dark Moon. Celebrating the new moon. The spiritual, astrological and metaphysical meaning of the new moon and how to use it. New Moon Meaning Spiritual Many people these days gather to celebrate the fullness of the moon at all kinds of parties at all kinds of places. When she is full we … Read more

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Saturn Planet Meaning

saturn planet meaning

Saturn planet Meaning testing and initiation. Saturn represents structure, discipline, concentration, severity, detachment, rigidity, maturity, wisdom. Saturn Planet Meaning Metaphysical Saturn, Discipline, learning, slowness of time and production, Refinement, Meditation. Saturn Gods: Roman god = Greek god Cronus. Saturn Astrology: Rules Capricorn and Aquarius and are exalted in Libra. Saturn Medical Astrology: In the body, … Read more

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What Celtic Animal Totem Am I?


Your Celtic Animal Totem Birth signs, meanings and pathway, find your Celtic animal spirit, follow their lessons for spiritual advancement. Celtic Animal Totem Astrology is based on 13 lunar moon phases. Designated for each moon phase of the lunar calendar is an animal spirit. Combining personal energy and a spiritual path to enlightenment through the … Read more

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Archangels Of The Zodiac

archangels meaning zodiac

Archangels meaning of the zodiac. Which archangel resides over your star sign? A little prayer to the correct angel goes a long way. Archangels’ meaning and their assignment to the 12-star signs of the zodiac. 12 Archangels Meaning Zodiac The light beings from the heavenly realm, the archangels. A specific angel has a presence and … Read more

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Solar Eclipse New Moon Spell

Solar Eclipse New Moon Spell

Solar Eclipse New Moon Spell extremely important we have magickal focus and intent for the new coming chapter of spiritual energy. New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology Meaning The moon passes between the earth and the sun, the moon darkens the sun and shadows the earth. It’s at this moment when all shadows are cast that … Read more