Earth Magic Gaia Magick

Utilizing or burrowing the celestial energy of the sun, moon and other planets is known as earth magic. Empowering the magician with extraordinary psychic energy. Earth Magic With ritual gesture or even just speaking aloud to the heavens. Your magical mojo will definitely be uplifted while you work a spell or bring … Read More

Spiritual Power Of The Full Moon

The spiritual power of the full moon, studies of the Full Moon And How It Affects Us as humans and the spiritual energies around us. Spiritual Power Of The Full Moon Ok ladies – and those men whose feminine side is affected by the full moon – next time you find yourself … Read More

Pisces Star Sign Meaning

Pisces star sign meaning To explore the phenomena of higher consciousness itself through meditation and dreamwork… dreams. Pisces Sign 22nd February – 21st March Pisces traits and symbology Glyph:  Two Fish Planet:  Neptune Element:  Water Color:  Ocean Blue Motto:  I Dissolve Affirmation:  I merge my ego with the Divine Body:  The Feet … Read More

Aquarius Star Sign Meaning

Aquarius star sign meaning To embrace a unique identity and path towards a journey of self-discovery.  This journey involves confronting fear and insecurity. Aquarius Sign 22nd January – 21st February Aquarius traits and symbology Glyph:  Water, Electricity, Chi Planet:  Uranus Element:  Air Color:  Iridescent Blue Motto:  I Rebel Affirmation:  Universal freedom and … Read More

Libra Star Sign Meaning

Libra star sign meaning The Peacemaker – initiating variety and diversity in relationships in order to become aware of others’ needs and realities. Libra Star Sign Meaning 22nd September – 21st October Libra traits and symbology Glyph: Scales of Justice Planet: Venus Element: Air Color: Pastels Motto: I Balance Affirmation: I harmonize with … Read More

Celtic Tree Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology Find the wisdom in the tree totem associated with your time of birth just as the Druids did many lifetimes ago. Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Signs and Meanings Celtic Tree Astrology is based on 13 trees of the Ogham coinciding with the lunar moon phases. A single Ogham tree … Read More

Taurus Star Sign Meaning

Taurus Star Sign meaning The Lover tarot influence – sexuality, and desire as basic instincts of survival… stabilizing and grounding energy. Taurus Sign 22nd April – 21st May Taurus Traits & Symbology Glyph: Bull’s Head Planet: Venus Element: Earth Color: Green Motto: I Have, I Value Affirmation: I appreciate abundance in the present moment Body: … Read More

Uranus Planet Meaning

Uranus planet meaning is associated with invention, discovery, excitement, technology, genius, eccentricity, electricity, and accidents, among other things. Uranus Planet Meaning Spiritual Awakening, transcendence, sudden fluctuations, changes, extremes, unusual abilities. Deity: Sky God. Zodiac: Rules Aquarius and is exalted in Scorpio. Medical Astrology Uranus In the body, it relates to the lower … Read More

Planet Meaning Neptune

Planet Meaning Neptune the Astrological and metaphysical influences and divination explanation. by astrologer Jyoti Eagles. Astrology Planet Meaning Neptune Unconscious, Intuition, Lucid dreamer, mysticism, otherworldly, inner self, psychic awareness, and spiritual development, Dream time, Astral Travel. Pluto Gods: God of the Sea. Pluto Zodiac: Rules Pisces and is exalted in Aquarius. Medical … Read More

New Moon Ritual Goddess

New moon ritual ceremonial intentions the goddess rituals and spells, how to embrace the new moon for magical purposes.Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles Perfect Timing The New Moon Ritual a perfect time to call in your warrior energy and tap into your courage and strength. These new moon ceremonial intentions will focus on bringing balance and healing … Read More

Fixed Star Wazn Meaning

Fixed Star Wazn Meaning. Astrological metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual meaning of the fixed star Wazn by astrologer Crystal Gaze. Fixed Stars Wazn Meaning Spiritual esoteric and divination meaning according to the charts for the fixed stars. The fixed star Wazn (Weight) situated on the back of the constellation Columba (Dove) at a … Read More

Moon Dates 2015

Full Moon Dates And New Moon Dates 2015 AEST This page acts as a reference guide to the full moon and new moon dates for 2015. For full information, see our moon posts each month explaining in detail the astrological and spiritual meanings of each moon. Follow or subscribe to Thrive on news … Read More

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