Currawong Spiritual Meaning

  The Australian animal spirit the Currawong spiritual meaning and metaphysical influences and his spiritual mystical call. There are three species of currawong found in the eastern states of Australia the pied currawong (Strepera graculina) featured above. The grey currawong (Strepera Versicolor) and the black currawong (S. fuliginosa) which is only found in Tasmania. The currawong is a woodlands songbird sounding like bells on … Read More


Koala Spirit Animal Meaning

The koala spirit animal meaning and symbolic influences. The word koala is an Australian aboriginal word meaning “no drink”. An ancient power totem animal dating back 25 million years. Its scientific name is, phascolarctos cinereus, meaning ‘ash-grey pouched bear’. Koala Spirit Animal Meaning The koala spirit animal teaches us the core lesson of life on earth. Nature sustains us all. We all need to … Read More

Tasmanian Devil Spiritual Meaning

The Tasmanian devil, this beautiful playful marsupial found only in Tasmania Australia. Is a little misunderstood brave animal totem. Tasmanian devils receive their name from the incredible growl they possess, a ferocious deep curdling sound. The early European settlers who came up with the name devil must have thought they were in a horror movie. Devils are hungry carnivorous animals with a predatory but not territorial nature. Tasmanian … Read More

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