Lightworker Update

Lightworker update spiritual healers and the attuned. An update of what to expect spiritually as we go into ascension. by psychic medium Ian Scott.


Twin Flames Vs Soul Mates Immortal Memories

What are twin flames and soul mates and what’s the difference? How do you know if someone is a twin flame or a soul-mate? by psychic medium Ian Scott

Spiritual Awakening Meditation Music

Free to download spiritual awakening meditation music awakening, Lifting To Ascension, video play and new age music, designed to open all seven chakras. from psychic medium Ian Scott

It’s Only Real As You Believe It To Be

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Spirit Guide Message – In this time of revolution we are answering the calling of your ancestors who are equally as interested in this process as you are, for they wait for us to carry off this mammoth transformation and release them from the structures they have hidden in your genes.

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