Dragon Blood Jasper Meaning

What is Dragon Blood Jasper? Dragon blood jasper is only found in Western Australia the home of the largest dinosaur footprints in the world. Ancient aboriginal legend speaks of dragons and dinosaurs roaming the earth at the same time. Dragon blood Jasper is a member of the quartz family ( chalcedony ) and … Read More


Hematite Spiritual Meaning

Hematite spiritual meaning the psychics stone the healers magic the omnipresent flow of energy from another world, come read its secrets. What Is Hematite Crystal? Hematite meanings and mysteries what is hematite? Hematite is an ore of iron a pigment mineral coming in colours from silver-grey to reddish-brown. The shape of hematite is a trigonal … Read More

Angelite Crystal Meaning

  Angelite crystal meaning both metaphysical properties and spiritual purposes. Angelite balances the chakras and aligns the body for self-healing. Angelite Crystal Meaning Angelite crystal is a form of Anhydrite.  Anhydrite is an evaporite mineral that occurs in extensive layered deposits in sedimentary basins where large volumes of seawater have been evaporated. … Read More

Malachite Metaphysical Meaning

Green Malachite Metaphysical Meaning, spiritual influences and magick properties. How to work with, use and benefit from the powers of the Malachite semi-precious gemstone. Green Malachite Metaphysical Meaning At the core of the green malachite metaphysical meaning are healing and protection. Malachite raises one’s vibrations speeding up the natural healing process of the … Read More

How To Program Your Crystals

How to program your crystals In 3 steps. How to program your crystals for activation for you personally to use as healing instruments.   In 3 steps. How to program your crystals for activation for you personally to use as healing instruments. And de-program and cleanse crystals previously owned by others. The … Read More

Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise Meaning The Turquoise stone carries the same name as the colour a shade between blue and green. For this reason, Turquoise is often associated with the sky and water.  And its lines of brown to grey represent the earth. A sister stone of the turquoise is the Lapis Lazuli. Both symbolising … Read More

Green Aventurine Meaning

Green Aventurine Meaning Spiritual Symbology Green Aventurine a protective gemstone of good luck, contentment, abundance, adventures in travel, healing the heart and emotional conflict. Enhances creativity, encourages independence, prosperity, career success, calmness, and balance. Helps us to see different alternatives, coming opportunities, and hidden potentials. Green aventurine stirs up the emotions for … Read More

Crystal Healing Meditation

Crystal Healing Meditation Lay down, arms by your side, legs a comfortable, shoulder width apart. Rest your eyes, breathe in deeply, in through the nose, exhale out of the mouth. Do this three times. Have a personal crystal or gemstone ready, one that you feel benefits you. Place the crystal on your … Read More

Selenite Crystal Meaning

Selenite crystal meaning the perfect for studying or anything involved in working the brain as it brings mental clarity and awareness. Selenite Crystal Meaning Spiritual Selenite crystal meaning often called the angel stone. Due to its ability to help one connect with our passed over loved ones and our spiritual guides and … Read More

Opal Spiritual Meaning

Opal spiritual meaning is a powerful shamans stone and greatly feared as bad luck by some. But this is not entirely true, The dazzling Opal, as well as being a beautiful Gemstone, Opal has a deep spiritual meaning too. Opal along with Tourmaline is the birthstone for people born in October. Opal … Read More

Moss Agate Meaning Spiritual

Moss agate meaning protects the physical body and enhances the mind and helps one connect with their soul. plus moss agate vs tree agate. Moss Agate Vs Tree Agate The Earths crystals for healing. Moss Agate and tree agate are often confused with each other, having a similar look colour and meaning. … Read More

Tree Agate Meaning

Tree agate meaning the stone of plenitude and also the druids stone because of its relationship with the unique tree patterns shown within the stone. Tree agate crystal is not really an agate at all, with green dendritic lines and silicate pathways wrapped in a form of chalcedony. Tree Agate is a microcrystalline … Read More

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