Moss Agate Meaning Spiritual

Moss agate meaning protects the physical body and enhances the mind and helps one connect with their soul. plus moss agate vs tree agate. Moss Agate Vs Tree Agate The Earths crystals for healing. Moss Agate and tree agate are often confused with each other, having a similar look colour and meaning. … Read More

Tree Agate Meaning

Tree agate meaning the stone of plenitude and also the druids stone because of its relationship with the unique tree patterns shown within the stone. Tree agate crystal is not really an agate at all, with green dendritic lines and silicate pathways wrapped in a form of chalcedony. Tree Agate is a microcrystalline … Read More

Azurite Crystal Meaning

Azurite crystal is derived from the Arabic word “Azul”, meaning “blue”. Ancient Egypt considered Azurite a magical stone, which increased spiritual and psychic powers within the one who wore it. Azurite occurs as veins and incrustations and in massive, radiated, and earthy forms associated with malachite and other copper compounds. A close friend of … Read More

Fire Agate Spiritual Meaning

Fire agate spiritual meaning the dragon’s eye fire agate sees where the human eye cannot, giving way to powerful visions and glimpses of the future. Fire Agate is a variety of chalcedony a semi-precious gemstone found in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Roundabout 24 to 36 million years … Read More

Fuchsite Crystal Meaning

Fuchsite crystal meaning. The metaphysical spiritual and healing properties of Fuchsite, reference guide and how to use fuchsite for spiritual healing. Fuchsite crystal is a beautiful green stone (Chromium is the source of fuchsite’s green colour) that sparkles in the lowest of light and which is a form of muscovite mica. Found … Read More

Citrine Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Citrine crystal Spiritual meaning and esoteric uses and benefits of citrine quartz crystal. Healing and working with citrine crystal. Healing Power Of Citrine Crystal Citrine quartz crystal is an energizer providing physical energy, helping with tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm. Citrine is the ideal aura detox, balancing and harmonizing the light body. … Read More

Amethyst Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Amethyst crystal spiritual meaning. Esoteric signs symbols and metaphysical properties of amethyst crystal. How to use and what are its healing benefits. Healing Power Of Amethyst Crystal Amethyst crystal meaning is connected to the third eye-raising intuition and mental energy, known to clarify one’s thoughts. Amethyst crystal inspires the mind and amplifies … Read More

Clear Quartz Crystal Meaning

Clear quartz crystal meaning. Spiritual esoteric signs and symbols. How to utilize its energy for healing and spiritual practice.   Metaphysical Properties Clear Quartz Clear quartz crystal. Crown chakra, healing power, magickal energy, clarity of mind, helps one connect with their higher self, aids in clear communication with spirit. Prismatic effects releasing … Read More

Tigers Eye Spiritual Meaning

Tigers eye spiritual meaning and healing, metaphysical and spiritual. Find out how to use the power of crystals, the magic of earth, working with the goddess herself. Tigers Eye Metaphysical Healing Properties Gold Tigers Eye Vibrates to the number 4 Chakras = Solar Plexus 3rd, Sacral 2nd Element = Fire, Earth Planet … Read More

Rose Quartz Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Rose Quartz Crystal Spiritual Meaning healing properties of the love stone rose quartz crystal. How to use its benefits for health well-being and psychic development Rose Quartz Crystal Spiritual Meaning Chakra = Heart Element = Earth, Water Zodiac = Taurus. Libra Planet = Venus Health = Chest, Lungs, Kidneys, Heart Rose quartz crystal … Read More

Lapis Lazuli Spiritual Meaning

Lapis Lazuli spiritual meaning and magical healing properties of Lapis Lazuli, learn its power as a unique stone for psychic protection. About Lapis Lazuli The mineral rock consists of calcite, lazurite, and pyrite. Mined for over six thousand years and found all over the world from Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Canada, Chile, India, Italy, … Read More

Crystal Healing Water D.I.Y

A simple but powerful ritualistic method to either heal the body or just uplift the soul, using crystal healing water to reach the insides. Learn To Make Crystal Healing Water A powerful ritualistic method to either heal the body or just uplift the soul, using crystal energy healing water to reach the … Read More

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