Empath Meditation

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Empath meditation technique focusing on mindfulness and spiritual life awareness. To help heal and strengthen, providing health emotionally. Empathic Superpowers Before we begin, empaths are extremely sensitive to outside influences and therefore need extra attention to prepare their meditative space. Start by making sure there are no power points or electrical cords … Read More

Ascension Meditation

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Ascension meditation, spiritual and guided, to help raise the consciousness of the earth and its people. From Druid Priestess Jyoti Eagles. Ascension Meditation Sitting or lying comfortably where you are, activate your light body by taking nine deep breaths, filling your body with the light, on the in-breath and releasing all the … Read More

Guided Meditation Invisibility Cloak

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An advanced Written Spiritual Healing and Aura Protection Meditation invisibility cloak a repellent against negative energy. by psychic medium Ian Scott The old but rested wizard Meditation invisibility cloak. Being prepared. Find a quiet comfortable space where you will not be disturbed, preferably with ambient lighting. A firm mattress with an appropriate … Read More

Spirit Guide Meditation

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  Spirit Guide Meditation How To Connect Preparation Advanced spirit guide meditation: For best results with this meditation/visualization, complete it just before you sleep. Place a spoonful of pure crystal clear water in a small vessel. Light incense and a candle. Just before you are ready to meditate, prepare your mind put the … Read More

Guided Meditation The Pebble

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Meditation the pebble. Take an emotional journey of release and freedom, with this spiritual healing written meditation with psychic medium Ian Scott Written Meditation Healing Technique This written meditation is designed to heal one of a long-suffering emotional scar from the past (PTSD). Although it may be used to heal or rid yourself … Read More

Moving Meditation Energy Gathering

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Moving Meditation Energy the moon wind birds and of course the spirit of all things. Bringing life-giving energy and spirit into the body mind and soul. Spiritual Written Guided Moving Meditation “Energy Gathering” Meditation technique for recharging the body mind and spirit. Harness the power of meditation through gathering the life force from around … Read More

Whale Spirit Animal Totem

Whale spirit animal totem Whale symbolism speaks of the knowledge of one’s soul to follow our divine purpose our reason for coming to earth our soul mission. Whale Animal Spirit Symbolism Ancient mystical keepers of earth and its magic, there are no secrets which are kept from whale spirit animal. Whalesong is … Read More


Shamanic Journey Meditation

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Written guided meditation shamanic journey is a visualization and deep meditation. To help one connect with ancient earth magic and our inner shaman. Written guided meditation shamanic journey is a visualization and deep meditation. To help one connect with ancient earth magic and our inner shaman. Let the body sleep. Take a … Read More

Stress Relief Guided Meditation

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Stress relief meditation, talking negatively to yourself then negativity will be sure to find a return. Burn out, anxiety and depression may all be healed. Stress relief meditation. Find a comfortable, quiet location inside or out. Be sure not have to any distractions. Turn off all electronic devices. Lie or sit depending … Read More

Aura Detoxification Meditation

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Everyday meditation practice. After a long hard day out, with the stress and pressures of the modern world we look forward to coming home, our little safe place where peace and relaxation reins. Often though we forget to leave these negative energies outside the yard before we enter our safe place called … Read More

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