When Is Halloween?

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  When is Halloween 2017? Halloween is always celebrated on the 31st of October. Australians have had a long history in celebrating halloween it is now becoming more popular than ever. Halloween Ritual for prosperity With Halloween around the corner and the Beltane celebrations – southern hemisphere, Samhain fire festival  – northern hemisphere, The October month packs some powerful psychic energy as the veil between the worlds lifts. … Read More


Candle Magik For Wealth

Candle magic spell to bring about wealth in one’s life. Using universal principles and the elements of fire and water, using an ancient Ogham symbol. Defining Wealth For Candle Magik Defining wealth is the most important aspect of a healthy positive attitude towards money. If we find ourselves in financial difficulty, the usual reaction is to worry and maybe panic. This actually accentuates the … Read More

5 Health Benefits Of Morning Meditation

Meditation is an amazing tool for relaxation, soothing and healing the body and calming the mind, easing anxiety and stress. Meditation has many health benefits including; helping to regulate mood and anxiety disorders, reduce symptoms of panic disorder and depression, improvement in information processing, and helps decision making and emotional intelligence just to mention a few. Meditation trains the mind and body to listen … Read More


Blue Moon Meaning

Blue Moon Meaning Spiritual  A full Blue moon is the zenith of moon power throughout the year, be sure to create and let go of your magical energy for manifestation this blue moon. The perfect time to tune into your psychic energy in preparation for a higher consciousness power boosting download.   Blue Moon Meaning Astrology The Aquarius full blue moon opposing the Leo Sun makes for a … Read More

Who Is Of Metaphysical Magic

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Spiritual Magic Mandala: Ian Scott 2013 Golden Dawn Of Magik According to the tradition of the Golden Dawn, there were ten grades, which are associated with the Sephiroth of the Tree of life, plus the probationary degree for the Neophytes. In this tradition, it is vital for the student to first learn about the foundation of magic, not the practice, before advancing through the … Read More

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