Personal Name Number Meanings

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What Is In My Name Name Numerology Meanings And Vibrations There are two aspects to your numerology name number, your full name and the name people call you on a regular basis. Your full name including your middle name reveals your vibration on a personal spiritual level. The name you are called by others holds a different vibration, one of how people see you and interact … Read More


Numerology For Ed Sheeran

Spiritually influencing the planet and its people are surely the singers and songwriters of the world. The poets of free-flowing spirit, stirring emotions and feelings inside of us. Allowing us to feel the world around us as magical and full of positive healthy vibrations. Depending on the type of music we listen to, music has the ability to conjure compassion and love, a spiritual … Read More

777 Meaning Numerology

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777 numerology meaning its spiritual influences and how it comes into effect for the long term. by psychic medium Ian Scott 777 Meaning Spiritual 777 meaning asks us to change our ways for the betterment of ourselves, for in making ourselves a better person, we actually help shift the earths entire population toward the same consciousness of peace, love and understanding. These are the … Read More

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