Medieval Oracle Reading

Medieval oracle card reading free online. Look into the past, present, and future with messages and guidance to your questions from Psychic Medium Ian Scott. A medieval oracle, ask your question shuffle the cards and click or tap the flip button to reveal your oracle card. … Read more

Love Oracle Online

Love oracle reading free online, with interpretations, messages, and answers from popular Australian Psychic Medium Ian Scott. The love Oracle Most accurate love oracle free online card reading, close your eyes ask for guidance from the divine or your own spiritual guides about the question. Make it … Read more

Candle Colour Meanings

Candle Colour Meanings Candle magic is an ancient art encompassing the elemental power of transformation to bring forth change.  Candle Color Magic Candle Colour Meanings for use in metaphysical magick spiritual divination and Wiccan spell casting. About Candle Magic Candle magic is an ancient art encompassing … Read more

Psychic Insights 2019

Psychic Insights 2019 a look at future events and study of some channelled messages and visions from psychic medium Ian Scott. Psychic Insights 2019 The visions that took my attention for 2019 were in great numbers. Too much to record here, we’re in for a busy … Read more