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Utilizing or burrowing the celestial energy of the sun, moon and other planets is known as earth magic. Empowering the magician with extraordinary psychic energy. Earth Magic With ritual gesture or even just speaking aloud to the heavens. Your magical mojo will definitely be uplifted while you work a spell or bring a project or goal to life. Within a super complex network of … Read More


Saturn Planet Meaning

Astrological Meaning Saturn   Saturn Planet Meaning Metaphysical Saturn, Discipline, learning, slowness of time and production, Refinement, Meditation. Saturn Gods: Roman god = Greek god Cronus. Saturn Astrology: Rules Capricorn and Aquarius and are exalted in Libra. Saturn Medical Astrology: In the body, Saturn represents the skeletal system and teeth. Spiritual Meaning Saturn Saturn is the planet of testing and initiation. Saturn represents structure, … Read More

Uranus Planet Meaning

Spiritual meaning Uranus Spiritual Awakening, transcendence, sudden fluctuations, changes, extremes, unusual abilities. Deity: Sky God. Zodiac: Rules Aquarius and is exalted in Scorpio. Medical Astrology Uranus In the body, it relates to the lower legs, ankles. Uranus Planet Meaning Uranus is unstable, spontaneous, impulsive, innovative and undisciplined.  Uranus planet meaning is associated with invention, discovery, excitement, technology, genius, eccentricity, electricity and accidents, among other things.  … Read More

Pluto Planet Meaning

  Pluto Planet Meaning Spiritual Conscious evolution, transformation, spiritual expansion, empathic, Intuition. Pluto Gods:  God of the Underworld. Zodiac Meaning Pluto: Rules Scorpio and is exalted in Leo. Medical Astrology Pluto Pluto meaning In the body it relates to the genitals, ovaries/testicles, prostate, and pubic bone. Spiritual Meaning Pluto Pluto represents obsession, compulsiveness, fanaticism, sense of mission, emotionally driven. He is resilient, inscrutable, sensitive … Read More

Moon Planet Meaning

Metaphysical and Astrological meaning Moon Unconscious, heightened emotions, responsiveness, psychic awareness, tender and strong femininity, intuition creativity. A reflector of the light and truth. Moon Gods: All moon goddesses. Moon Astrology meaning: She rules Cancer and is exalted in Taurus. Medical Astrology Moon Moon planet meaning in the body she represents the chest cavity, the uterus, the stomach and the breasts. Moon Planet Meaning  … Read More

Planet Meaning Neptune

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  Astrology Planet Meaning Neptune Unconscious, Intuition, Lucid dreamer, mysticism, otherworldly, inner self, psychic awareness and spiritual development, Dream time, Astral Travel. Pluto Gods: God of the Sea. Pluto Zodiac: Rules Pisces and is exalted in Aquarius. Medical Astrology:  relates to the feet, toes, and thalamus. Neptune Spiritual Meaning Neptune stands for imagination, idealism, a dreamer, creativity, fantasy, receptivity and spirituality.  Neptune is generally regarded … Read More

Jupiter Planet Meaning

  Jupiter Planet Meaning Astrology Jupiter the largest planet in the solar system, fifth in order from the Sun. Expansion, wealth, an abundance of spiritual knowledge and expression benevolence and luck. Jupiter Gods Jupiter is the God of gods. Astrology Jupiter Rules Sagittarius and Pisces and are exalted in Cancer. Medical Astrology Jupiter Jupiter relates to blood circulation, liver, and cellular nutrition. Jupiter Spiritual Meaning Jupiter planet meaning expands … Read More

Sun Planet Meaning

Metaphysical and astrological meaning Sun Sun, Light, truth, spiritual centre, god force, powerful energy, masculinity. A pivotal vital force in our lives. Sun Gods: Roman god Apollo. Zodiac Sun: He rules Leo and is exalted in Aries. Medical Astrology Sun Sun In the body he is associated with the heart, the spine and the middle back. Sun Planet Meaning Spiritual The sun influences our basic self, … Read More

Planet Meaning Mercury

Astrology Planet Meaning Mercury Mercury Messenger of the gods. Mind thought, communication, intuition, change ability. Mercury Gods: Hermes the magician. Mercury Zodiac: Rules Gemini and is exalted in Virgo. Medical Astrology Mercury In the body, mercury is associated with the arms, the hands, and the nervous system. Spiritual Meaning Mercury Mercury is said to be the messenger of the gods as he travels swiftly between them … Read More

Venus Planet Meaning

Venus Spiritual Meaning Glyph:  Hand Mirror Deity:  Goddess of Love and Harmony Rules:  Taurus and Libra Metal:  Copper Composition:  Terrestrial Month:  June Day: Friday Venus Energy:   Yin.  Sensual and Romantic Sacred Animals Venus:  Turtle-dove and Rabbit Venus planet meaning Venus is the 2nd planet from the Sun and the 3rd smallest in our solar system.  A terrestrial planet, hotter than any other, it is … Read More

Mars Planet Meaning

Mars Planet Meaning Metaphysical Glyph:  Shield and Spear Mars Gods:  God of War Rules:  Aries Metal:  Iron Composition:  Terrestrial Month:  March Day: Tuesday Mars Energy: Yang. Sexual and Aggressive Mars Sacred Animals:  Wolf and Woodpecker Learn Astrology Planets Mars Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and the 2nd smallest in our solar system. A terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere composed primarily … Read More