Psychic Trackers Ancient Psychic Arts For Modern Surveillance

The ancient pathfinder’s the psychic trackers an old form of modern surveillance technology. from psychic medium Ian Scott. What Are Psychic Trackers? A psychic tracker is a lone wolf trained in the ancient magickal arts. A person hired by governments and various other security companies to look for known people in disguise and or security incidents before they happen. Scanning international airports, official buildings … Read More


Psychic Signs Body Intuitions

Psychic Signs Body Intuitions The left ear goes red and hot? Someone is talking good of you, gossip is projected your way with a positive loving influence. My left-hand itches what does that mean? The ancient art of reading the bodies spiritual signals. Psychic Signs Body Intuitions by psychic medium Ian Scott. Psychic Signs Body Intuitions Remembering there are three parts to the human … Read More

The How To Of Sigil Magic

The metaphysical art of sigil magic. What is a sigil and what is it used for? How do I make my own magical sigil symbol? An online tutorial on sigil magick and the symbol meanings. What Is A Sigil Magic? The word sigil comes from the Latin word “sigillum” translated means seal. A sigil is a magician’s seal a symbolic physical manifestation of the intent … Read More

Free Tarot Reading

Free Tarot Reading Online Free tarot reading online using the 22 major arcana. A three tarot card spread giving a complete story to your questions. Think of your question for a moment and hit the shuffle button located below the deck of tarot cards. Hit the flip card button located on the right below the tarot deck to reveal the tarot cards. To reveal … Read More

Numerology Oracle Free Online

Numerology Oracle Free Online using number cards. The number oracle will predict the energy of your day giving you an armed approach to the day. Being able to prepare spirituality mind, body and spirit. Numerology Oracle Free Online How To Use The Numerology Oracle online Step one: Shuffle the number cards using the text below the card deck. Step two: Click or tap the … Read More

Psychic ESP Test Zener Cards

 What Are The Zener Cards? Zener cards are set of 25 cards with five basic symbols repeated five times a circle, a star, a square, a set of wavy lines and a cross. The zener cards were designed and created by psychologist Dr Karl Zener in the early 1930s. Developed as a tool to test for psychic ability or extrasensory perception (ESP). Several experiments were conducted … Read More

What Is Remote Viewing? Psychic Ability

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What Is Remote Viewing And How Does It Work? Remote viewing or telesthesia. The term remote viewing was popularised by Stanford Research Insitute who conducted experiments and studies. And was later used by governments for over 20 years for the army and defence intelligence agencies. The word telesthesia is from the late 19th century from tele- + Greek aisthēsis ‘perception’. There are a number of explanations on the subject of telesthesia … Read More

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