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10 Free Online Oracles

Free Online Oracles

Free Online Oracles Angel oracle card reading, Numerology daily oracle, Tarot reading, Yes No oracle, Spirit Animal Oracle, psychic interpretations. Free Online Oracles Divination Readings Ten of the best free online oracles for you to delve into, from a one card oracle reading to two and three cards spread reading. All free online oracles are … Read more

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What Is Remote Viewing?

what is remote viewing

What is remote viewing? being able to see, feel, taste, smell and hear a person, object, place, and event at a distance. by psychic medium Ian Scott What Is Remote Viewing And How Does It Work? Remote viewing or telesthesia. The term remote viewing was popularized by Stanford Research Insitute who conducted experiments and studies. … Read more

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Spirit Guides And How To Connect

spirit guides

Spirit guides, communication from a spirit guide is always fast, profound and extremely wise, and this information will now live inside of you, as a memory. What is a guardian angel and what do they do? Are Spirit guides real? yes, spirit guides come in many forms, depending on the life path you have chosen before … Read more

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Psychic Mind Reading Technique 101

mind reading

Mind reading the spiritual and esoteric knowledge behind sending and receiving thoughts from the mind. by psychic medium Ian Scott. Mind reading a heightened super sensitive telepathy used by empaths and psychics all over the world. Telepathic vibrations are sent out each and every time we have a thought. We are constantly pulsating the rhythm of our … Read more

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Aura Colours And Their Meanings

aura colours and their meanings

The Aura meaning. Find the spiritual, physical and emotional health meanings of the aura colours and how to interpret their signs and messages. What Is The Aura? The aura colours meaning encompasses all that we are, the aura energy we emanate is our whole being. All that was ( past lives ) and all that … Read more

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Learn How To See Auras

see auras

Learn how to see auras colours with easy to do exercises, understanding our aura energy field by psychic medium Ian Scott. Learn How To See Auras What is the aura? We’re made up of three definable parts, the mind (our processor), body (our case or vehicle) and our soul. Our soul is our hard drive … Read more

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Psychic Manifestation In 5 Steps

to conjure

A step by step manual on how to attract your wants and desires through manifestation, psychic medium Ian Scott’s spiritual techniques. Manifestation The Art Of The art of manifesting your dreams and desires, the down, truthful and dirty version. Let’s start at the very beginning, the place where magic is found, inside the very heart … Read more

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Psychic Gifts?

spiritual gifts list

Explore your spiritual psychic gifts do you have any? A list of spiritual gifts you can develop for yourself. by psychic medium Ian Scott The Nine Psychic Gifts Below is a list of spiritual gifts one may attain or be born with on the way to enlightenment. On the road to spirituality and personal development, … Read more

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How To Develop Telepathy

learn telepathy

How to develop telepathy your all-natural spiritual and psychic ability with these exercises by psychic astrologer Jyoti Eagles. The Need For Telepathic Communication Last month a category 5 cyclone hit the coastal town in which I live in Queensland, Australia. Apart from the devastation to the animal and plant life and the damage to people’s … Read more