Spiritual Sickness

  The Spiritual Root Of Diseases What is spiritual sickness? Along with medical conditions, ills aches and pains and so forth. There are other things spiritually which make us physically ill. Dealing with mental stress or not dealing with it is the number one cause of health issues and overall general illness. Think about that for a minute, once a healthy body. Expose it to … Read More


Where’s Your Head At?

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Personal Growth Are You, Willing, To Look Inside Do you pick on others, do you bring to attention to the faults of others. Are you angry with a short temper? Do you get upset with what others do? Do things always go pear-shaped, with emotional outbursts? Do you constantly argue with others? Are you always looking at people making judgements and comments? Do others … Read More

Wind Oracle Card Meaning

Nature’s Oracle Introduction Wind Oracle Card. Nature’s Oracle the way of energy a spiritual Oracle focused on raising one’s consciousness toward an understanding of the self, peace, and compassion. Ian Scott psychic medium channeled Nature’s Oracle back in 2007, working and writing with his spiritual guides fast forward a few years and Nature’s Oracle cards has touched many hearts and opened many minds. Take a journey … Read More

Listening, Learning And Loving

Spiritual Growth The Three L’s Spiritual Growth I will start this story out with the formula for enlightenment and soul satisfaction. For optimal soul growth! Listening: Learning to listen to your soul by connecting to the highest source for fuelling your daily interactions of living, to attain your “highest and best” while on this earth. Learning: When listening, truly listening to you lose the … Read More

Create Your Own Future

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Create Your Own Future spiritual quote. Inspirational spiritual growth through personal knowledge of thyself and awareness developing personal skills. Create Your Own Future Spiritual Quote Future spiritual quote surrender to the highest force of your being, the parts of you which run at a higher vibration, happy and full of energy. Expecting only that which is for your highest purpose. Let go of all … Read More

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