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How To Send Distant Healing

distant healing

How to send distant healing energy to another person using the spiritual power of psychic energy cultivation. by psychic medium Ian Scott. Our thoughts are the most powerful energy man possesses. Ever been thinking of someone and a few minutes later your phone rings and to your amazement its the exact … Read more

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Spiritual Transference Healing Foods

spiritual healing

Energy Transference Healing through cooking food for yourself and for others, heal from the inside out with love and psychic energy. Spiritual Energy Healing is achieved in many ways with many different faiths, beliefs, and techniques. This form of energy transference is accomplished the same way we would treat a person … Read more

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Butterfly Healing Magic

Healing butterflies

Butterfly healing a spiritual and psychic spell to cast protection and to find loved ones through the use of butterflies as spirit guides. Spiritual energy healing loved ones in danger, Butterflies Can Help. The Orange Butterfly spiritual meaning is in all it’s glory as a symbol of transformation, hope, faith, and love. It’s … Read more

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Water And Seed Spiritual Healing

water and seed spiritual healing

Water and seed spiritual healing a developed intuition will change the molecular structure of your now personalized spiritual healing charged love water. Spiritual Healing is magic, healing is a state of mind, healing is natural, healing 24/7 as nature intended. Spiritual Energy Healing Water 1. Start with good clean water fill a … Read more

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Healing Heart Guided Meditation

Written Meditation Healing

Healing with heart in mind. Spiritual healing meditation, healing the heart. Meditation technique and method of visualization, by psychic medium Ian Scott Learn Healing Heart Meditation A Technique A healing heart meditation, find a peaceful area where you won’t be distracted for meditation, settle comfortably into a bed, lying on your … Read more

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