What Is Kodama

Kodama Spirit Meaning Kodama is a Japanese word, Ko meaning Tree and Dama meaning Spirit. The Japanese people believe all living things have a spirit ( Kami ) or soul. Tree groves are sacred ground all over the world, many have ancient buildings and churches built in and around them. In Japan, … Read More

Mistletoe Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Mistletoe meaning Hung over the bed it was believed to bring good dreams and a night of peaceful sleep. A plant of dawn and dusk, a magic portal. “The trees, though summer, yet forlorn and lean, Overcome with moss and baleful Mistletoe (Shakespeare) Ogham Letters Meaning Mistletoe Letter: U English: Mistletoe Celtic: … Read More

Heather Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Heather spiritual meaning symbolic link between mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Ogham Letters meanings Heather Ogham Letter: U English: Heather Celtic: Ur, Ura Latin: Calluna Vulgaris Ogham Element: Earth Ogham Astrology: Venus Ogham Animal: Bee / Lion. Heather Spiritual … Read More

Furze Meaning And Symbolism

Furze meaning indicates the gathering of all the things needed to carry out your goals, or of information that may be life-changing. Ogham Letters Meanings Furze Ogham Letter :    O English: Furze, Gorse Celtic: Ohn, Onn Latin: Ulex Europeans Ogham Astrology: Venus Element: Earth Furze Spiritual Meaning Industry, protection, vibrancy, independence intelligence, passion, sexuality. … Read More

Lomandra Indigenous Uses

Lomandra Indigenous Uses the seeds are ground as a damper, the leaves and stems are used for weaving baskets and a hydration tool for better health. Lomandra longifolia or more commonly known as just Lomandra, basket grass or mat rush. Is an Australian native plant, a member of the Asparagaceae family that … Read More

Stinging Plant A Healing Method

Australia’s Stinging Plant The stinging plant or Dendrocnide moroides is one of Queensland’s most unseen tropical tourist hazards.  Spread through out the Eastern Australian tropical rain forests, this unusual local is named for the extreme stinging pain received if it comes in contact with your skin. Although there are a few different species … Read More

Blackthorn Tree Magical Meanings

Blackthorn Tree Magical Meanings sacred to the Triple Goddess, the Crone known in differing guises as Morrighan or Cailleach or Beira, Goddess of Winter. Letter: Z English: Blackthorn Celtic: Straif Latin: Prunus spinosa Planet: Saturn (plant) Mars (fruit) Element: Fire Gender: Masculine   Spiritual Meaning Blackthorn Tree Blackthorn is one of the … Read More

Paperbark Tree Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual, medicinal properties of the Australian Melaleuca tree. (Paperbark tree spiritual meaning) A truly amazing tree and its healing benefits. Paperbark Tree Australia The iconic Paperbark tree, its name is derived from the trees bark that flakes and peels but has a softer texture than paper and also thicker. Known by its botanical … Read More

Broom Spiritual Symbolic Meaning

Broom meaning Cleaning up. Space clearing, shamanic healing, astral travel. Restores harmony. Letting go, clearing the mind of clutter. Broom to make a clean sweep today Start fresh, clear space and open way Astrology Birth: October 28th – November 24th English: Broom Celtic: NgEthal Latin: Cytisus scoparius Broom Meaning Spiritual Cleaning up. Space … Read More

Wild Apple Tree Meaning

Wild apple tree meaning included in a love sachet to attract love, to bring happiness in our relationships. Merlin carried a silver bow from the apple tree. Ogham letter: Q Quert (Kyehrt) English: Apple (Bakys sykvestrus – crab apple.) Australian: Rice Flower, Pimelia Ogham Astrology: Venus Element: Water Spiritual Meaning Apple Tree … Read More

Muntrie Berries

Muntrie Berries Health Benefits Today’s amazing Australian is the Muntrie. Also known as emu apples, native cranberries, or if we want to get all technical about it, the Kunzea pomifera. This ground covering plant is found mostly on the SE coast of Australia. It has dense glossy circular leaves and produces a … Read More

Banksia Tree Australia

  Banksia Tree One of the most recognizable floral symbols of Australia is the Banksia tree. This fascinating plant is one of a few that thrive in the varying climates of our coastal regions. There are 170 species of the Banksia, ranging in size from small woody shrubs to tall trees up … Read More

Hazel Tree Meaning Spiritual

Hazel tree meaning magical arts and metaphysical sciences were bound up with the eating of these nuts, and of the salmon who ate them. The ninth tree of the Ogham alphabet is the Hazel. Letter C = Coll Latin: Corylus avellana Astrology: Mercury, Sun. / Birth: August 5th – September 1st Element: Air. … Read More

Holly Meaning Spiritual

Holly Tree Meaning planted near the house to protect them from lightning, storm, fire and hexes.  Its wood was also used indoor sills to repel sorcery. Ogham Letter: T for Tinne Latin: Ilex  Aquifolium Australian equivalent: Helmet Orchid Corybas Ogham Astrology: Saturn/Mars. Birth: July 8 – August 4th Celtic Tree Month of Holly Begins … Read More

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