Spiritual Sickness

  The Spiritual Root Of Diseases What is spiritual sickness? Along with medical conditions, ills aches and pains and so forth. There are other things spiritually which make us physically ill. Dealing with mental stress or not dealing with it is the number one cause of health issues and overall general illness. Think about that for a minute, once a healthy body. Expose it to … Read More


Pranic Healing And Does It Work

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Pranic healing is a simple yet effective system founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. Master Choa dedicated his life to developing this system and for 20 years, he had traveled the world and directly instructed young generations of future prana healers. This healing method encompasses a ‘no-touch’ approach and it is based on the following principles, our organisms have an inborn self-restorative capacity. The body’s … Read More

Butterfly Healing Magic

Butterfly Distant Healing And Protection Spiritual energy healing loved ones in danger, Butterflies Can Help. The Orange Butterfly spiritual meaning is in all it’s glory as a symbol of transformation, hope, faith, and love. It’s most important role, however, is the remarkable gift it gives to us, in understanding death and rebirth unveiling the process of. Another extraordinary example of them is its ability to communicate love … Read More

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