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Light Worker Update

star seed update 2016

Light Worker Update spiritual meaning behind the shift of energies during the 999 open Vortex 2019. How to combat and relate to unusual energy patterns. Light Worker Update Vortex 999 We’ve passed the heart its ok hold on to your strength only a week to go! Open Vortex. At the moment … Read more

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Coming Of The Butterfly Children

butterfly children since 2012

Butterfly Star Children, coming in from the stars, here to help planet earth and it’s inhabitants. Channeled information by psychic medium Ian Scott. Who And What Are The Butterfly Children? The butterfly star children are old souls, advanced beings of the cosmos, enlightened masters here to help. Arriving on earth as … Read more

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Numerology For Ed Sheeran

numerology for ed sherran

Numerology for Ed Sheeran. #EdSheeran Learn about the man behind the music and his unique numerology and spiritual effect he has on a crowd. Spiritually influencing the planet and its people are surely the singers and songwriters of the world. The poets of free-flowing spirit, stirring emotions and feelings inside of … Read more

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Why A Letter To America?

bald eagle

Why A Letter To America? My dear fellow Americans, proud, strong leaders. America you have always amazed me with fanfare, colour, love and a sense of hope. I am saddened by the violence that engulfs our world. As a strong proud nation, you must learn to love each other, solving your … Read more

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Spiritual Awakening In Preparation

spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening Understanding the energy shifts around us will help us transcend the historical awakening taking place on the planet right now. Spiritual Awakening The Time Has Come Hatred, greed, and the lust to kill is leaving humanity, we live in a pivotal point in mankind’s history. Spiritual awakening creeping up … Read more

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Telekinesis Do You Have It ?

telekinesis demonstration

Telekinesis Demonstration Watch as this disabled man performs Telekinesis (psychokinesis) right in front of a passing crowd on the streets of Thailand.  Seemingly not many are surprised, I’m guessing they think it’s a trick or parlour magic, check it out for yourself. [kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/HSAHnQ07NCg” width=700 height=700 ] Telekinesis Meaning A Super Human Ability Telekinesis … Read more

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Love Currency

love currency

Let’s Imagine a love currency, there is no longer any physical money as such. Performing acts of love would, in turn, empower you to commit similar acts of Love Currency Spiritual Quote Let’s Imagine love is our new form of currency, there is no longer any physical money as such. Performing … Read more