Pentacle Symbolic Meaning

Pentacle meaning. Five-pointed star within a circle. Summoning spirit to earth the mystery and symbols esoteric and spiritual meanings explained. Five-Pointed Star With A Circle Around It Meaning The Pentacle meaning, a 5-pointed star contained within a circle. The five points of the Pentacle represent the four directions and four elements, with … Read More

Triskelion Meaning Symbolic Metaphysical

The Triskelion meaning, learn the spiritual Celtic and esoteric meanings of the triple spiral, how it is used for meditation, and more. Triskelion Celtic Meaning The Celtic triple spiral or triskele symbolism and meaning sometimes called the spiral of life. Discovered in the Newgrange site the spiral (or “tri-spiral”) design is engraved on … Read More

Celtic Knot Symbolic Meaning

Celtic knot meaning a charm amulet or talisman warding against bad spirits ill health, obstacles, and setbacks that may disturb the rhythm of life. About The Celtic Knot Celtic knots Endless knot, Love knots or mystic knots as they are sometimes known, are endless paths representing eternity and a never-ending journey this … Read More

The Month Of June Meaning

June month meaning brings laughter, joy, and excitement. A time where the energy integrates toward unity and compassion, a time of fertility. Numerology For The Month Of June The month of June has the numerological vibration of the number six ( sixth month ). The planet Venus rules the number six with all … Read More

Month Of May Meaning

The month of May meaning brings enchantment with its seasonal changes, ushering movement of the metaphysical and spiritual kind. Numerology For Month Of May The month of May Numerology meaning (5th month) holds the numerological vibration of the number five. Jupiter rules number five offering abundance, fortune, and excitement. Combined with the … Read More

March Spiritual Meaning

March spiritual meaning time to take action on our thoughts and inspirations. A time of advancement and forward movement propelling us into the future. Numerology Month Of March The month of March holds the vibrations of number three. Three is ruled by Mars the god of war, influenced by the element air … Read More

February Spiritual Meaning

February meaning. The spiritual, astrological and numerology meanings for the month of February, and how we can utilize the energy shifts to work for us. Numerology February February holds the vibrations of the number two ( element water ) being the second month of the calendar year and the number six ( element air ) … Read More

January Spiritual Meaning

January spiritual meaning and symbology for the month of January. Find out how you can prosper using the energy shifts of the month of January. Numerology January Powered by the number one, January has all the prospects of being favorable, although not without its challenges. Unity, trust and a commitment to work … Read More

Dreamcatcher Meaning

Dreamcatcher meaning symbol of the protection given by the spider woman Asibikaashi who watched over and protected the children of the tribe from nightmares Dreamcatcher meaning. How to understand a dreamcatcher, what it is and how to use it spiritually and magically. by psychic medium Ian Scott. About The Dream Catcher The Ojibwe … Read More

Butterfly Meaning And Symbolism

Butterfly spiritual meaning. The Divine Feminine Essence of the Goddess is contained in Butterfly. From orange to blue butterfly signs and symbolism. Butterfly Quotes The Dimension Travellers Playful soul, seeker of joy, dimension Traveller, spirit seer,  Self discoveries are near. Ian Scott Butterfly Meaning Metaphysical  Butterfly meaning spiritual. Acceptance of Change, Metamorphosis, The Changeling, … Read More

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