The Fake Empath

The fake empath the signs to look out for so you can avoid the toxic people in life. Giving way to a free clear open warm future with the right people. Someone able to display emotions easily is not a sign of an empath. There are many things which leave a person … Read More

Love Poems The Soul Mate Collection

Love Poems The Collection A collection of spiritual channeled Love Poems for the soul mates or twin flames in your life. From psychic medium Ian Scott. Love Poem Soul Mates Love Poem soul mates I sense your presence from a distance, a ghost-like feeling that you’re here. A love unbound a rare … Read More

Animal Poems The Collection

Spiritual Animal Poems A collection of spiritual animal poems elephant, monkey, whale pangolin, cat and more. Highlighting the abuse of animals, a way to send love through thought. Saving The Pangolin Poem One of the most hunted animals on the planet, the pangolin is killed eaten and used in so-called medicine. Medicine … Read More

Earth Mystics And The Hidden Oasis

The earth mystics {A spiritual short story}.are here, but are they from here? And where is that secret garden they all keep going too? Earth Mystics The Dream “It’s so dark,” she thought, studying the tall building from the street. The whole block covered in coldness as though it were hiding in … Read More

Metaphysical Glossary

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine Metaphysical Glossary of terms and spiritual meanings and ancient words of mystical belief. Glossary of metaphysical terms   Metaphysical Glossary Of Terms A Aeromancy:  The reading and psychic interpretation, divination of weather patterns. Natural ocean and land events and earth disturbances. Austromancy : reading the signs and … Read More

Psychic Medium Ian Scott

Spiritual Empathic Psychic Medium Ian Scott has over 30 years experience and has dedicated his life to working with spirit the light worker’s way. Ian Scott – Thrive On News Psychic Medium Ian Scott Australia Ian is a professional Australian empathic psychic medium and has over 30 years of experience, one of … Read More

Quantum Physics A Spiritual View

Quantum physics explained patterns contained and transmitted by light are patterns of consciousness a geometry of light-infused in every cell of our body. Quantum Physics A Spiritual View Quantum Physics Theories  For Beginners Quantum physics is at last beginning to pavé the way to an analytical perspective of reality, which can soothe … Read More

Kabbalah Spiritual Meaning

Kabbalah Spiritual Meaning a comprehensive guide for beginners. From the structure of the atom to the vast mechanics and rhythms of the galaxy. Qaballah Explained Qaballah Meaning Spiritual Qaballah actually means ‘from mouth to ear’ and has traditionally been passed on in an oral tradition because it is an experiential, inner knowledge … Read More

Sacred Texts Auras And Chakras

The Sacred Texts Auras And Chakras. The bodies electrical system The Metaphysical of auras and chakras and the bodies electrical system a complete and comprehensive spiritual guide. sacred texts auras and chakras Bodies Electrical System The Tree of Life (Qaballah) represents our geometric perfection as the microcosm. It also alludes to the spiralling … Read More

The Way Of Spirituality

Spirituality is a way of life, a path to our higher selves and the magic of the universe. A spiritual practice to awakening and ascension. Spirituality A Way Of Life 1 If there is anyone in the world you must intrinsically know inside and out, it is you. Know yourself better than … Read More

Spiritual Power Of The Full Moon

The spiritual power of the full moon, studies of the Full Moon And How It Affects Us as humans and the spiritual energies around us. Spiritual Power Of The Full Moon Ok ladies – and those men whose feminine side is affected by the full moon – next time you find yourself … Read More

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