9 Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening? A state of wakefulness alertness and intuitive sensitivity. A state of mental alertness body relaxation and spiritual alignment. Do you ask what am I here for? Do you say there must be something else? These are all signs of knowing, of course, there is always more. This is the first reaching out of your higher consciousness to your thinking … Read More


Happiness Spiritual Quote

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Happiness spiritual quote grow, live, learn and laugh a spirituality exercise on happiness and how it is a choice we make. Happiness Spiritual Quote Happiness is a choice, a decision we make, It’s a state of mind.   Being positive is a choice, being negative is a decision we make.   The only thing or person responsible for your happiness is you.   To … Read More

Oh My God! My God Not Yours

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  My god, there are literally thousands of gods and goddesses from myth to legend, to the power of the story. Choose a god, any god, going once, going twice, sold to the man in the blue hat with the peacock feather. I find the human belief system fascinating. To think someone believes something so strongly their willing to sacrifice life for it. Some of … Read More

Spiritual Quote Oracle

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A random generated spiritual quote connection, find some wisdom and peace or a meditation theme as you tune into inspirational spiritual quotes. Spiritual Quote Oracle Use this spirituality quote oracle as a daily spiritual quote or wisdom and enlightenment session. Simply click the image below and the random spiritual quote generator will go to work. Click it again to shuffle the quote cards. Ask … Read More

Past Life Regression Creating Healing by Experiencing Past Lives

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When some people hear me say I conduct past life regression sessions, the thoughts of possibly being a queen or someone famous will inevitably pop into their mind. This is usually far from what actually happens during a session. The idea that it is an entertainment service and fun to see what your past lives may have been, is one I’d like to dispel. While … Read More

Word Search Puzzle Shaman

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Hidden Word Search Puzzle “Shaman” Spiritual hidden word search puzzle find the mysteries of the shaman’s animal spirit guides. All hidden words have links to information and spiritual meanings about that word. Take note of the very first word you see. A sign to explore its symbology and significance to you personally. © from psychic medium Ian Scott Hidden Spiritual Words To learn more about animal spirits … Read More

Hidden Word Puzzle

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A spiritual hidden word puzzle for you to solve. Learn from the words by clicking the links attached to the words you find. These links will lead you to articles on each subject. Take your time and enjoy finding and researching your favourite subjects. Spiritual Hidden Word Puzzle Mugwort, Holy Basil, Psychometry, Energy healing, Scrying, Reiki, Oracle, Amulet, Candle, Melaleuca, Whale, Elder Tree, Aura … Read More

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