Spiritual Story With Druid Boy “One For The Kids”

Spiritual short story for kids written script and read aloud video, learning from animals. Twin tales of little fox and two snakes. Hosted by druid boy and his message of look after the world we live in. by psychic medium Ian Scott.


Australian Schools – Farming The Sheeple

Every child has a right to an education. Every child has the right to learn how to read, how to write, how to do math equations and to learn scientific theories. Every child has a right to understand history and every child has the right to grow and explore through learning.

The Wisdom Of Listening Or Reading: The Child And The Child Within

Spiritual Development For Parents Every person has a story to tell, a message to be heard, and children are no exception. Listening to children Life is difficult for a parent.  The stresses of raising a child are numerous and sometimes … Continued

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