Cause And Effect Easter Road Safety Message

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Angel On The Road

Cause And Effect Spiritual Mindfulness

I often watch people driving on our roads and what I see is not nice. Most people are good and mind the road rules, but there is a small percentage of the population that gives no thought to others on the road. They don’t think about death and injury either, whether it is themselves or others that it happens to. They do not think about other people’s lives and the impact of their actions on other people. Each action that we do has a flow on effect whether we realize it or not. I feel people need to be educated on the basic facts of cause and effect, and how it affects other people’s lives and the importance of mindfulness.

There is too much selfishness and thoughtlessness in this world. There is a price to pay for this too, remember! So please stop and listen to what I am saying here. As an observer in life and what pain, sorrow and suffering is like when someone dies and how it affects their loved ones. As a clairvoyant I am used to loved ones on the other side of life. I have felt the loss of loved ones many times, just like most people have. On a psychic level I am shown other peoples grief and suffering, heartache and loss. I would not wish this on any one Many years ago I felt my worst experience of a young girl, whose sister was killed in a car crash. I won’t go into the details of her story here though. But only to say that there were innocent victims that were hurt in this crash.  They had done nothing wrong. Just a mother and her child driving on the road, minding their own business.

The girl that died though was with a group of individuals that were too selfish and not the sort that gives a second thought to others. This girl when she passed into spirit came to me for help. She was distressed at the suffering of her younger sister. The younger sister was inconsolable at the loss of her sister. The pain and heartache was too much for the girl in spirit to cope with and she was asking me to help her sister. Now this is where selfishness, cause and effect come into play. This did not have to happen. It was a free will choice. The other victims and the dead girl’s sister did not get any say in the matter. No thought was given to any of them but their suffering matters very much. They did not deserve this, it was forced on them. They did not get any closure when it went through the courts either. So you see this is an example of cause and effect. It has wide reaching chords of attachment.

Cause And Effect Laws Of The Universe

Leaving this particular story aside now. Let’s focus on everyday life and what happens due to other peoples actions. Life is fragile and in some cases it can be short. In the world that we live in today, many people just do not stop to think of what it is like for the other people around them. They just seem to be living in am insular world of “it’s all about me”. Now I used to think that it only applied to young people, but no.  The more I observe the more that I see. The age group is much wider, it is a sign of the times that we live in. It is much easier to look away than to care about one’s actions or someone else’s’ suffering. Road users are by far the worst offenders in the selfishness stakes. Whether driving a car, motorbike or a bicycle. It is the attitude of I am first thank you! I understand how fragile life is. But to get that message through to the masses, needs a government education campaign to drive home the reality. We see adverts on TV about driving safely, but nothing is powerful enough as seeing the ones on the other side of life, telling us how it really is.

I just wish these selfish individuals were made to feel this suffering (on an empath/psychic level) just once so that the message would hit home. It may just save some lives. Sadly it will never happen. What about those that suffer from the pain and heartache and have no public voice to say how they feel? Anything that could get the message through to selfish people needs a shock factor. But of course those individuals are indifferent and don’t even recognize they fact that they are selfish, no that is someone else.

Mindfulness is not one of the important virtues in our world today. People are rushing around and their thoughts are scattered, and therein lies the first big problem. Minds are not on the job at hand. Focus on what you are doing, not on other things. Your vehicle is a weapon in your hands when not under proper control. We are all well aware of that fact, so why do so many people not care about what they are doing and put all their focus on the task at hand?

Closure after these situations does not always happen either. Move on and get over it, say tackles individuals that have never gone through suffering like this, especially when it is a crime that has been committed. How is one supposed to get over it? That suffering is a difficult thing to recover from. You cannot and must not put a time limit on healing from grief and heartache, no matter what the cause is. So please people stop and think before you act. Life can be as easy or as hard as you intend it to be.

Be mindful of others and be more courteous on the roads. Being a couple of minutes late is nothing in the big scheme of things. But to cause serious injury or death has a massive flow on effect that you can just never imagine. The effects can be felt for many years, and I am speaking from personal experience here too, on many levels. I have been the victim of someone else’s carelessness and my life is affected 30 odd years later with constant pain and impairment. You cannot imagine the flow on effect of anything unless you are mindful and respectful towards others. © Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium


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