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Celebrate The Angel Within

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Angel Within

Now is the time to celebrate and conjure the all-powerful angel within. Feel the deep placid tones of your heartbeat gravitate to the rhythm of the universe. In movement, ebb, and flow the universe thrives on cycles and rhythms. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and arms up reaching for the sky, feel the part you play in the rhythm, feel it from the centre of your being, scream I’m alive. Time to get in touch with our inner angel.

Angel within
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Spiritual Quote

Do not allow negativity or disharmony to disrupt your rhythm, ebb, and flow, dance the dance of you, sing the song of you, celebrate all light giving angel that resides deep in all our hearts. Celebrate with joy connect with universal unconditional love and joy, bring it into the core of your being. Others will be infected by your light, allowing love, laughter, and healing to spread like a virus right across the globe. Love who you are and all that you can be. Be the reason people believe in Angels.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott