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The Earth Mystics Chance Encounter

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Earth Mystics Chapter Two – Chance Encounter

The golden sun rose with a shine that almost blinded, or so it seemed to Elysha, now that she had a mission it was as though her vision had become sharper, clearer and somehow less tainted. Every morning she awoke with a smile and thanked her father while saluting the sun gods for another opportunity to bask in their light. Her mother was now working more than before and would leave before Elysha was up, although at first Elysha strongly protested against this, she now knew it was for a reason, for now, she had a chance to begin her journey.

Earth Mystics chance encounter

She would look and look on her way to and from school, looking for something other than the concrete which seemed to blanket this place. She needed more than brick and mortar more than steel and asphalt, more than traffic lights and road signs, more than buildings and parking lots, more of something else. A week had passed since her father’s vision had met with hers on that cold night and she was beginning to think maybe she misread his words or maybe it was just a crazy dream that she hoped was a connection, coz she missed her dad oh so much. The weekend came and it almost left before she got to get her mother to come out for a walk with her. Elysha had been trying for days to get her mother out with her, in the hopes they would stumble across something she was looking for.

Earth Mystics The City

On this glorious Sunday afternoon as the sun was setting with its yellow and crimson beams sprawled across the hazy skies Elysha made a discovery which put her right back on her path. They had walked beyond their block for once and although her mother was tired Elysha managed to get to parts of the city they had never ventured to. To her surprise, Elysha’s mother actually liked it and thanked her because they had strolled into an area of street vendors where they found fresh fruits and vegetables being sold. They were both pleasantly surprised and had spent enough time looking around to overhear people speak of ‘that park’, what did they mean by that, what park? and where was it?.

Earth Mystics chance encounter

Elysha went home with more questions then she had begun with, but how was she to get the correct answers, who could help her. The next day did not start out as bright as the past week had and Elysha was in a daze, she felt lost again. She had researched maps of the area all night and still could not find any park, so she left for school late because she was in a hazy state and didn’t even realize how slowly she was walking, moving and talking.

“stoop it, just leave us alone”  someone cried out from what seemed to be an alleyway, Elysha ran to the sound, a cry filled with desperation and pain. When she got around the corner she saw a boy curled up on the brick ally floor, another boy standing in front of him, protecting him from the 5 other kids standing around them, the others looked older and there were 4 boys and 1 girl but their faces looked cruel and they appeared to be taunting and teasing the two little boys. Throwing empty cans at the one curled up and tossing garbage at them. Elysha grew mad, her blood felt hot and there were tears welling up in her eyes and without a second thought she picked up a stone and with all her might she threw it at a bin made of steel that sat near the commotion. CLANG! It made a thunderous sound as it hit. Everyone turned in her direction startled, “oh we have a hero”  one of the boys exclaimed, and they all begun to walk up the alley towards Elysha. She could only think of one thing to do, something her mother had told her upon their arrival in this strange new place. Elysha screamed she screamed so loud and for so long, it hurt to listen, but it got the attention of people walking by on the street. Soon enough there were 3 adults which came running over to see what the fuss was about.

At the sight of these concerned people the 5 kids ran out of the ally and kept on running and the people that came saw that she was well and concern was not needed. So they went on their way as quickly as they had come. Slowly Elysha made her way over to the two remaining boys and softly asked “Are you both OK? what happened? why were those other kids being so mean?” . The smaller boy on the ground had not moved but she could hear his whimpers coming from underneath his covered face, the other boy did not answer as he was trying to console the smaller boy telling him that it was ok now, that he could get up, that no one would hurt him now, that he loved him and would always protect him.

Earth Mystics chance encounter

Earth Mystics Friends

Not wanting to interrupt Elysha remained silent, watching them closely she noticed they looked similar, so similar in fact she thought they must be related, like brothers. Both boys were now standing, the one who seemed older began thanking her for being so courageous and explained what was happening and although the other boy didn’t say a word she could tell he was different. He was special and he had a kind soul. Suddenly she remembered she had to get to school and told the boys so, as it turned out they were on their way to school as well and much to Elysha’s surprise they were all going to the same school.

Elysha quickly came to the realization that she had been so caught up in her own world she had not even taken the time to notice the very people around her. Both boys were in the same grade as her, also they had gone to the same school for years they had lived in her area their whole lives, actually, they had never ventured beyond the city. Their parents were separated and they barely saw any of the children as much as they had wanted.

Troy was the only one who was talking, he had a stern face for a ten-year-old his eyes were blue and sharp they told a story which showed he had a lot on his mind but was strong enough to keep it together and hold it inside just fine. Or was he, did anyone even know what went on in his head, what his heartfelt, or how his soul bled. Elysha wanted to know and in remembering what her father had said, she knew they had crossed paths for a reason, all 3 of them. After being here this long she had finally found a connection and a clue to the knowledge of a park hidden somewhere in this great city and so she went to school that day with a sense of determination and purpose once again but this time with some new friends. to be continued…  Wendee Valencia

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