Spiritual Poetry: Change Of Course

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spiritual poetry
Change Of Course

I was sent here on a mission
A mission with a clear vision a premonition
One that was carved in stone with precision
My life was written long before I was conceived
It was sealed with a warning, my elders received

As far as the story goes what was written has come to fruition
I’ve been idle for too long and there’s only just enough time
Though the end is said to be terribly glorious
I know its mine just not before my plan reigns victorious..
But today I made a choice to break away from the curse
Hold onto my faith take a chance and risk it all
To be something more and be prepared for the fall

Then from the ashes rise again for all to see
I’m not scared to be something more than just history
Problem is there are demons with halos and wings of gold
There are angels with guns and paper money folds
Visions no longer blurry, my eyes now focused right
I’ve found my inner light and fleeting is my fear of the night..

I was watching raindrops in slow motion
Watching its life unfold with devotion
Cos from beginning to end its life is also pretold
Changing from gas to liquid then taking a fall
Lands on the ground, Splash, its dead, that’s all..
But there are drops that wont die
The ones who choose instead of falling to fly

Landing in the dirt spooning a seed
Becoming one and turning into a tree
It becomes for many a love a passion a home
With branches catching more raindrops and they aren’t alone
They all have a chance to be more than a drop
and all because one drop chose not to stop…

© Wendee Valencia


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