The Spiritual Story Of Change, Time And Sam

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Short Story

brown dog tied up

Sam The Dog A Short Story

Change, easy to say, sometimes not easy to put into practice. Whether it be an internal change or an external one, change requires decision and insight. First we must know what decision to make, this is where our path to change comes across its first obstacle.

To make a decision we first must understand, be in touch with ourselves and our feelings. If it involves others, their feelings need to be taken into account as a part of the equation to reaching a decision.

No matter what changes we need to make in our lives, knowing this process will help in understanding how to bring about change. If we know ourselves quite well, as a lot of people do. We will already know the changes that need to be made, to make a happy, healthy, positive, strong individual.

Unhappiness is a direct result of knowing the changes that need to made and not acting upon them. This leads to fear, depression, sickness, stagnation, negativity and weakness. Once in the negative cycle we are destined by perpetuation.

On a quite street corner, tied up to a light pole, a dog waits for his owner, even though the lead was not tied properly the dog did not try to move. A long night went by, the dog watching and waiting looking at each person coming out of store in hope it was his owner. The store owner closing her doors for the night, noticed the dog laying down with sad eyes, slightly whimpering. She asked “ where’s your owner, boy”. She took ahold of the lead and made a gesture to the dog to come in inside. He did not move. The store owner eventually gave up, and closed her doors.

The next morning the dog was still there. Going about her routine for the day she slipped the dog a bowl of water. Later that evening it was time to close again,  the dog still in waiting. The store owner said “ boy why don’t you come into my home, there is a warm bed and feed, if you’re owner comes back we will see him” The dog did not move.

Concerned for the dogs health and well being she thought she had better contact the dog rescue. At that moment a young man began to yell and bash the door of the convenience store. “What is wrong” said the store owner. The young man attempting to catch his breath says “ I’m sorry to bother you at this hour, but my father was here, a couple of days ago…… Oh he has dementia, I think he may have left his dog,  Sam here”. Mavis the store owner says “ wait just a minute”.

Many decisions and changes were needed by all involved in this little story of loyalty. The message lies in time, we are given the gift of life, it is truly up to us as individuals to be the brightest strongest light we can possibly be, in the amount of time we are given in this particular life. Not only for ourselves but all who love us, and for earth itself. Make that change. – © Ian Scott


  1. irenedesign2011

    Dogs are intelligente and so very loyal, sometimes too loyal.
    Thanks for sharing.

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