It’s Only Real As You Believe It To Be

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In this time of revolution we are answering the calling of your ancestors who are equally as interested in this process as you are, for they wait for us to carry off this mammoth transformation and release them from the structures they have hidden in your genes. Look around as the patterns re-arrange with frenzied pretense. The rumbles build within Earths belly and she bleeds.

Achrion Earth Message

She’s the tantrum of a two year old who’s innocence you rob because you lie to them and strip them of their freedom to support your selfish fears. She’s the adolescent brooding when dolls and trucks are put away for grown up toys of food and sex and money. Or the virgin whose choices have been denied of the truth of how love really is at such a tender age.

She’s your wife who you can’t reach because she’s given her power away to this illusion you’ve created man!  In her surrender she has bent to your controlling game to please you, because she thinks that’s what you want. She’s the game of silence between lovers who run from each other when they’re confronted with her depth. The subtle forms of anger, often hidden behind the guise of pumped up, ‘New Age’ freedom. She’s the celebrated hero of your wars who kill for peace and the murderer imprisoned behind bars for losing faith.

True Love is what we are and we have come to share this with you – dropping silently from the sky, undetected to ensure synchronicity occurs. You are invited to participate in our dance of light and abundance – making a mockery of your chaos and flimsy shields just by accepting the responsibility for our co-creation and realizing that you have made it all up!  It is only as real as you believe it to be. – © Achrion – As channeled by Jyoti Eagles.


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