A Channeled Message From My Grandfather

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Messages From Spirit My Life On Earth

The Womb: After being locked in a small black balloon for many months an opening, a way out finally presented itself. I could feel cold, hard claws pulling on me.

channeled message

Messages From Spirit

Out at last the tall clawed creäture, lifts his claw and smacks me, inflicting pain and misery. The torture the negativity of my entry to earth was only the beginning. The emotional scarring stayed with me, crying and struggling to sleep.

School: Getting a little older I was sent to a kind of brainwashing prison camp, where I was taught sayings and guesses from other human beings as the truth to suit their needs of creating a robotic money-making citizen. It was called school.

Taught to take orders and believe what I’m told I spend the next 25 years being conditioned by the education system. Conditioned enough to know nothing else, I joined the army making a perfect soldier.

Adult: At school I learned all about power, greed war and destruction. I can now deliver just that. I am a soldier now, I can kill actually I’m an expert at it. I ‘m a man I’m told.

After many years locked and caged like an animal I made a run for it. Shot on the battle field in the leg and left to die. Defending my country they say , medal of honor celebrating my skill to kill and be killed.

Spirit: My life on earth and all I experienced was war, hate and greed. If it was not for my loved ones and the magic of nature my time on earth would have all been cruel.

I have learned now a few more lifetimes on, this is evil, barbaric and primitive. I never had hate in my heart until it was instilled. Why is it like this. I now know but it took this lifetime of hate and war to find out. The truth is all ours to access once we are on the other side and working for the universe rather than against it. Please never celebrate war or my part in it.

The worlds people are controlled, hypnotized and brainwashed through education, news and manipulations of the truth. So the small few can own lead and control earth and it’s people and they do this through money and turning us warlike. It is these types of conversations with my passed over grandfather George that lead me to find out exactly what Jack was talking about. From the archives October 1983 © by psychic medium Ian Scott