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Citrine Crystal Spiritual Meaning

Citrine meaning
Citrine Quartz Crystal

Healing Power Of Citrine Crystal

Citrine quartz crystal is an energizer providing physical energy, helping with tiredness and a lack of enthusiasm. Citrine is the ideal aura detox, balancing and harmonizing the light body. Attracting abundance of whichever energy we work in, extending our reach with manifesting our wants and desires.

citrine meaning
Citrine quartz crystal meanings

Citrine Meaning Esoteric And Metaphysical

Citrine crystal is used as a creativity and imagination enhancer sparking the light within to shine. If nightmares or bad dreams haunt you place citrine underneath the bed, to enhance dreams place citrine underneath your pillow at night. Citrine crystal dissipates negative energy and transforms it into positive energy.

Citrine crystal looks like the sun and radiates its positive growing energy attracting success, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine quartz clears away negative energy and obstacles or disruptions to financial flow. Connected to the solar plexus chakra relating to self-discipline, self-control, and clarity of purpose.

Citrine Crystal Health Benefits

Citrine healing benefits can be utilized for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and degenerative diseases. Citrine crystal is believed to aid balance in the thyroid and glands. Citrine quartz crystal encourages personal growth helping one find how to let go of the past and heal from it. Wearing a citrine crystal will help to keep calm and control anger.

Citrine crystal also aids the digestive system, stomach, thyroid, heart, kidneys, liver, heart muscles, endocrine system, circulatory system, urinary tract and immune system. Learn more about how to use crystals here > © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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