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 The Intuition Of Color

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Using Colour To Become Successful

The clothes we wear the car we drive and the houses we live in all have a colour and at some time in our lives, we were attracted to those colors. Ever put a shirt on in the morning and been pleased with it only to find by the afternoon you change it for another shirt one that feels more appropriate to your mood. Color expresses the mood of our character and our relationship to the world. There are positive and negative energies in all colors and the way we feel enhances those qualities.

Spiritual Meanings Of Colour

Being aware of colour magic can change your world, for example, the normal nonthinking thing to do, is when you are upset or a little withdrawn you will choose dark colours navy blues, blacks, dark greens etc. Those colours you chose just reflected your mood perfectly without a thought. Now the next time you go to put on a new set of clothes check your feelings emotions and general well-being. If you find your feeling down then choose a colour that will lift your mood rather than keep it in its present state. Example:  I’ve had a rotten night’s sleep got work early I’m tired already, with a little more thought on how can I make this day better I choose a bright red shirt to give me some energy a set of long white trousers to uplift my mood detoxifying my spirit. Next, I choose bright blue shoes to remind to look up ! its the colour of the sky.

Colour In Business

Within a business setting or going for that interview bright flamboyant colours, not so appropriate if you are feeling strong and confident go for navy blue or black with a splash of colour. Choose a colour with the energy you need help with. Lacking a little softness in your approach try a little pink. Striving to be noticed a little orange here and there will attract eye’s looking your way. Not to overstated though.

Colour Mood Test

How do I feel right now? Go to our colour wheel page where you can find out what mood you are in at this moment. © Ian Scott

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