Conspiracy Meets Reality

The time is now to unite, the golden age. The light workers all around the world gather in silence, in preparation to save the Earth. Our forefathers spirits intertwined in the world of the living, to give energy to conscious awakening.

Golden Age

Visits from distant stars are frequent now, as we submerge ourselves further into the truth. Free energy exists. If you ride a push bike, you will be well aware of the dynamo that powers your headlight through momentum, that is all that is needed.

If applied on a larger scale, a motor car for instance the energy of movement charges the batteries not coal-burning electricity. This is a simple effective concept that can be applied to any circumstance where power is needed, why are we not using it ? Because we would not have to pay for electricity, simple as that. The people who own the oil the electricity and all the large central banks including the IMF are the same people, commonly known as the Illuminati. That is how we are controlled, simple as that. The federal reserve banking system that crawls it’s slavery all over the world, is now in full flight and applying the accelerator. The reason for the speed up, we are waking up.

They are literally sending the world bankrupt, deliberately. Just as a child will kick and scream, to hold on to their favorite toy, without sharing, the one percent will never give up their power. This is a child you cannot reason with, one that thinks it is not a child, they know no better, for if they did we would not be in this place.

We are going to have to take the toy from them, simple as that. The only way this may be done is through unity and awareness on a mass global scale. This is not a conspiracy it’s reality at it’s finest. The conspiracy is behind the federal reserve banks doors. #END THE FED –Ian Scott


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