Control And Chaos – Rise and Fall

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Oblivious to the subliminal conditioning of our being passed to our seeds
Minimal knowledge fed in the system, treated like animals in this prison
Slaves with a lifetime sentence and discarded in an instant
Disregarded and rejected the instant it’s no longer convenient

But the economy is crashing, the empire has reached it’s peak
Powers are clashing, scrambling to get a stranglehold on their assets
Cutting the monopoly board leaving gashes so wide even they fall inside
Cashing in blood for gold, hiding the liabilities of old, souls sold

Dashing for cover as truth is discovered, unearthed by information
Gathered over time and leaving marks on the minds of the masses
Weakening ties once drenched and wreaking with lies made by the blind
Commotion starts when bonds tied with blood are broken and left behind

Hidden agendas revealed and colliding as the human cries begin rising
Outspoken innocence, a token of events placed in their hands
Devised plans realized within the eyes of those born in demise
The invisible children raised to forget the disguise they were handed

Forgotten through time, awakening to their own light, preparing to fight
Shadowed by distractions and guided by the chill of the night
bleeding in the drains of societies built in vain, prearranged to cause pain
Open veins washed away in a wave of chains, linking riches to happiness

A wealth of abundance stolen in redundant acts of violence and control
Now the lines are blurred and tables are turning, the fables are burning
Churning with dreams once on hold, unfurling and falling off the shelves,
Landing with a thud and kick starting still beating hearts

Between boogeyman, religion and NASA
telling us to pull our heads out of our asses,
we are left with only ashes blowing away in the wind of changes

Switching lanes and taking charge of ourselves no longer in fear of hell
It is from there we fell landing only in the oasis of what we held,
a mental Graceland in a nutshell, with only our stories to tell

Hanging on by a thread while living in a land of the dead
It is us who can end this nightmare we so badly dread
We’ve been denied long enough, our silence left in the dust

So it’s a must we prevail in the face of adversity
our journey begins with a single step and before you know it
we’ll leap in bounds till we find our winning ground
singing with the mutual sound of worldwide peace

Soldiers at ease, no time to cease our ventures as hunger increases
we gotta release the tension we’ve spent on empty adventures
we gotta fill ourselves with love and tenderness,
now before the cold renders us frozen and motionless
time to loosen our limbs and let go of our fearfulness

Moving forward with clarity, visions through crystal mentalities,
empowering our sisters and brothers before our kin is drowned
in the sins of the deviant queens and kings,
within the blink of an eye we can overturn the once majestic thrones,
once our real power is known

acknowledged, grown and positively
utilized for the progress of our spirits..
The time is ripe and ready for the picking
if only we start believing.. – Wendy Valencia

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