Children Parents And The Gift of Time

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Spirituality And Parenting

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Parental Advice

During this time of year, Christmas and school holidays tend to create a real financial and emotional burden on a lot of families.  Parents run around trying to find everything on their children’s wish list, even if it means spending money they don’t have.

It’s OK to say NO!

Children do not need everything on their wish list. In the fairy tales, Santa did not make trillions of toys and give each child 10 to 15 presents.  He gave each child one thing. When we reach adulthood, we hear the word no, all the time.  Giving everything to children on a silver platter creates lazy and entitled adults who really don’t know how to handle rejection.  These adults become stuck in a rut and never try to change their circumstances out of fear of rejection or become delinquents and just take what they want.

But we can’t just say NO. Raising a child means raising a person who will become a functioning member of society. When we say no, we also have to explain to them why. Children are more intelligent than we give them credit for, if there is a reason behind your decision, even if the child does not fully understand it, they are more likely to deal with it better than just telling them no, because I said so. Children have curious minds, they are sponges. Because I said so, makes no logical sense to them.

Putting ourselves in debt year after year, does not make a child happy.  The fighting between parents due to financial strain, does not make a child happy. A parents resentment towards Christmas because of the stress involved in making it perfect, does not make a child happy. Receiving every present they can think of and only playing with it once, does not make a child happy.

There is no greater joy for a child than spending quality time with happy, loving parents. No amount of toys could ever compare.© Angela Soya


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