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Creating Luck And Abundance

creating luck
Creating your own luck and abundance


Find 5 cents pick it up and for
the rest of the day you’ll have good luck!

Creating Luck The Universal Law Of Thought

Find five cents pick it up and for the rest of the day, you’ll have good luck! Ever heard this saying? I heard this saying at a young age, from my grandmother. Consequently, I would find 5 cents and 2 cents regularly.

Superstition, Spell Invocation Or An Old Wives Tale?

One afternoon I hopped off the bus from school in front of my home, to find 20 cents and 10 cents. As I had a little look further in the same spot I found a bunch of cash. Roughly around $100. We tried to find who owned it but to no avail. It paid for my first push bike which I previously didn’t have the money for.

This small spoken phrase has a lot to teach. Overhearing a conversation prompted this article. What I managed to hear was this. “Do you believe in signs and that?! You know like finding coins and having good luck?” Fading into the background noise I faintly heard a reply. “Of course not who wants just five cents anyway?”

Let’s hear it again. Find five cents pick it up and for the rest of the day, you’ll have good luck. So if you have a negative attitude towards this does anything happen? If you are positive towards this saying and pick up the five cents, does anything happen?

Creating Luck And Abundance

My word it does. Actually, it plays a heavy role in our overall luck, persona and our ability to manifest our wants and desires. It all lies in the power of your thoughts, I mean everything including future outcomes. For someone who doesn’t pick up the five cents and says its only five cents, are actually telling the universe through direct thought action they do not need money.

Therefore the universe no longer complies with your thoughts and brings you other things. If your thoughts are scrambled and you’re randomly thinking all the time, who may know what the universe throws in front of you. Because you asked for it.

Universal law number one, what you put out into the universe comes back to you. Literally, your thoughts are action vessels. Which have real metaphysical energy behind them, transporting themselves out into the universe for manifestation. Our thoughts are the most powerful magic we have.

Taking Responsibility For Your Own Thoughts

The simple act of seeing the five cents; thinking to pick it up, and to put in your pocket, throws out your thought to the universe as a thought action which leads us back to universal law number one again. What you put out into the universe comes back to you.

Have you ever had this happen? You’re thinking of someone and the phone rings or you receive a text from that very person you were thinking about. One might say “I must be psychic, I felt them contacting me”, or “I knew you were going to ring me.”

But what is really going on here is the power of your thoughts. The simple act of thinking about someone sends that thought out into the universe to that person, as it was directed at them. The universe responds through the person hence they contact you. Or vice versa depending on who has the thought first.

This is the power of your thoughts. If your thoughts have behind them an abundantly positive; lucky, happy and welcoming attitude, those things will find a way to you. Because that’s how the universe works.
When you see five cents on the ground, pick it up. Say the sentence. Find five cents pick it up and for the rest of day, you’ll have good luck. Luck will find you. © psychic medium Ian Scott – Nature’s Oracle Cards

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