Crystals list the power of crystals and semi-precious gemstones have
embedded in them all the miraculous healing energy of planet earth.

crystals list

Healing Power Of Crystals

Created deep within the womb of Mother Earth, the power of crystals and semi-precious gemstones have embedded in them all the miraculous healing energy of planet earth. Formed from the four elements of fire, water, air and earth, crystals hold the earth's healing code and its magical secrets.

Quartz crystals are valued for their healing powers but also because of their piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, by which they transform mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy, pulsating vibrations outwards.

Crystals are conductors, amplifiers, and data storage units. Their geological makeup and properties determine their specific crystal healing power and how they are used. Filling the life force energy of a person or any living thing around it to be enhanced by its energetic frequencies and patterns.

These properties of energy amplification, programmability and memory are present in all forms of quartz. Thus making the quartz crystal the most versatile and multidimensional stone for spiritual healing, meditations, expansion of consciousness, communication with guides and past-life recall.

Choosing A Crystal To Work With

When choosing a quartz crystal, study its properties and use the most appropriate one for the abilities you wish to bring in and enhance. Clean and purify the crystal, claiming ownership. Take your new crystal to the beach (moving salt water ) at sunrise, wash the crystal in the waves with your fingers and hands only. That night place your crystal on a window sill that will receive the moonlight, the next morning your crystal is ready for use.

Choose a crystal in person. It is almost impossible to know whether a crystal will benefit or enhance your energy unless you first allow it to connect with you. Do this by holding the crystal in your hands between the palm chakras, close your eyes and tune into the crystal, your reply of energy back will determine if it is for you or not. A strong flowing good feeling energy is a yes, a subtle or a lack of energy is a no.

There are a number of other reasons why a crystal's energy is not felt by all. I will go over a couple here. An unconscious being, which is not spiritually aware, closing off their own chakras due to ignorance, will not feel an energy from crystals or healers. The healing may still work, although not to its capacity. Or the crystal just does not contain the energy that you need specifically. More added to this crystals list frequently. Click on crystal pictures below to reveal a full article from the crystals list. © from psychic medium Ian Scott.

Healing Crystals List

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