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Dealing With Depression

Build a bridge of positive thought to take you to the light
to literally uplift you into a new energy, each and every time you feel the void.
You can only fall if you think of falling – Ian Scott

dealing with depression

Dealing With Depression Spiritually

We are all searching for something, most of us in an unconscious state of being will try and fill this void with material objects and or other people. Only to find themselves angry and frustrated when it fails. When we fail or fall it is meant to be seen as a lesson. A way of taking a step back and assessing the situation before proceeding to the next step. When we take these lessons into a dark negative place it can not only be the cause of depression and stagnation but also set off a victim or poor me attitude.

This attitude then blocks you from your wise inner voice. Stagnation often leads to abuse of your temple in one form or another whether it be drinking, drugs or just a generally negative attitude. All of these behaviours not only carry a dark depressive energy but also put a stop to any personal and psychic development you may be working on. Not too despair when you are ready to pick up on your journey again your path will be there expanding into the horizon.

This void or space is distinctly you shaped, not designed to be filled by external means, as it is for personal development.  It is a way of letting you know that you have become out of tune with your true godly loving inner self. An eternal student on an ever-expanding quest for personal development. Always striving, always learning and growing. – Ange Marxsen