December Monthly Horoscope

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The main theme of the month for all of us is Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. Our very structure continues to be challenged and transformed and we must be able to flow with the changes – both within us and in our outside world.

December Monthly Horoscope

Aries monthly horoscope


Aries expect the Unexpected.  Changes to family and home could help you look more deeply into what no longer serves you. Luck is on your side so out with those pioneering gloves and accepts the challenge.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


You have heaps of energy this month which would be best directed into creative endeavours. You’ll be noticed by others and there’s a good chance a relationship will begin (or end) under the influences affecting you this month. Watch your ego.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


Health and fitness are your number one priority this month. Good time to have any dental and/or osteopathic work done that you have been purring off. Find balance Gemini for the good of yourself.

Cancer monthly horoscopes


Look to the other in your life to reflect what’s going on in your hall of mirrors. Deep and meaningful chats help you get to the bottom of things. Your intuition is strong this month so keep those antennae up.

Leo monthly horoscope


You have the planet of good fortune sitting on top of you. It can mean that business ventures will expand or succeed but don’t overindulge at those luncheons. Keep it real. Your tendency to dream things up is high.

Virgo monthly horoscope


Your feeling more ambitious than usual this month and you will be put in the spotlight in all areas of your life. You don’t really mind though because you’re feeling much more out there than usual. Go ahead and throw caution to the wind. The time is now.

Libra monthly horoscope


Libra the month is exciting enough. Although you’re feeling open to change at this moment the timing could be a bit off. Good time to plan and review and put those scales to good use. Weigh things up before you act.

Scorpio monthly horoscope


Scorpio things are tested to your true ability. You’re feeling a but philanthropic this month and you’re good at it. Pay it forward. Good karma is coming your way from past deeds.

Saggitarius monthly horoscope


Leading up to the full moon you should enjoy a balanced time where you feel very comfortable in your skin – but there will be twists. Hidden things will be revealed.

Capricorn monthly horoscope


If you let your ego self-run the show this month you will come unstuck. Any attempt to use your charm will expose you for who you are. Best to be as authentic as possible.

Aquarius monthly horoscope


You’re full of energy this month to find a way to express this constructively. You could also be inclined to overindulge, so careful at those Christmas parties not to exceed your limit.

Pisces monthly horoscopes


Your are such a dreamer sometimes. Keeping your feet on the ground could be a challenge this month so give your self a reality check every now and then. © Jyoti Eagles


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