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Dog Meaning And Symbolism

Dog animal spirit. A deeper understanding of beloved dogs. Dog spiritual
meaning is unique and gifted to us. by psychic medium Ian Scott.

dog spiritual meaning

Never a truer phrase is spoken as “dog man’s best friend”.  With close relations to the wolf, the domestic dog plays a huge role in the spiritual practice and lessons of humanity. The dog is undoubtedly a most valuable member of society, health care workers lifesavers and protectors the dog is our familiar. The dog’s spiritual meaning is unique and gifted to us.

Dog Spirit Animal Meaning

When dog spirit enters your life either physically symbolically or through someone else, it marks a time of finding inner peace. Spiritual enlightenment of love, a true step in accepting and being content with loving yourself and others.

The dog is a powerful totem animal bringing about the light in all of us. Loyal to the core dog will protect you. Often dog spirit animal people are those in our community who protect and heal us. Police officers, nurses, doctors, health care workers, ambulance men, and women the pillars of our society.

Dog Spiritual Meaning

Loyalty compassion and companionship are what dog stands for, even if it means death to the self. This strong sense of loyalty plays both in the dog’s favour and against him. Being loyal to someone who deserves your loyalty is totally different from someone.

Who has gained your loyalty through mistrust and manipulation of love? A dog will love us no matter the circumstances or no matter how we treat him, no judgment. Teaching us compassion love and raising our spiritual consciousness. Or one would hope so.

Sometimes humans lose their way become aggressive nasty and dangerous so to do dogs. But when brought together the dog and the human finds compassion and love again through each other. Compassion and love are the strongest inherent traits of human beings. The dog reminds us of this and reestablishes the spiritual bond of love and unity. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott. 

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