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Dolphin Spirit Symbolic Meaning

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Dolphin Totem Medicine

Dolphin Animal Spirit Symbolism

Dolphin animal spirit has relations with Neptune the moon and the element water. Dolphin spirits have mastered unconditional love, harmony, and balance. Dolphins are sentient beings with extreme intelligence beyond our understanding. Dolphins innocence powers his or her divine connections to the spirit world and nature spirits. Dolphins are the communicators with space travelers, able to see and hear the passersby on the edges of the universe.

The Dolphin spirit power totem has magical qualities, dolphins are uniquely connected with Hawaii and the lost city of Atlantis, knowing the secrets of this land and its Peoples. Associated with the breath of life, ( manna ) water and the rhythms of nature. Dolphin spirits have a highly attuned sense of compassion and justice, dolphins are the spiritual monks of the sea. Strong intuition. psychic awareness, telepathy and all forms of communication skills enable dolphin to feel a part of and connected to all living things.

Dolphin Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual significance of dolphins lies in their remarkable gift of tuning into the human emotions, enabling them to communicate with each person on a unique individual emotional level. Lifting the barriers of language, speech, and sound, reaching the heart of a person directly. This particular form of communication is empathic, telepathic and emotionally uplifting for the dolphin and human. The psychic healing energy created in this process opens and corrects our chakras, and resurrects our soul similar to a soul retrieval. Dolphin spirit animal healing energy has the ability to awaken the soul, reconnecting dying neurotransmitters in the brain correcting ills of the body and mind.

Peace and pure energy adorn the dolphin aura, all who come into contact with the dolphin experience affection and love for the dolphin and life, the attributes of peace and pure energy. Peace, pure energy, affection, and love equals harmony, dolphins through just being themselves create a harmonious environment.  Dolphins hold the secret to unity, their compassionate and protective nature makes them healers ( sonar, sound healers ), the light workers of the sea. Anyone in need of help receives dolphins kindness and sense of unity without any expectations of anything in return. Earth’s, true superhero.

Dolphin Totem Message

Dolphin spirit people are sensitive souls and thrive in the energy of joy and happiness, releasing their beautiful energy into the world. Dolphin spirit people subjected to a cruel negative atmosphere will struggle quickly, and succumb to sickness. Dolphin spirit animal teaches us to build an environment of positive energy with pure of heart in mind and to maintain a happy joyous spirit. This dolphin spirit animal formula will nurture and heal our physical. mental and spiritual aspects bringing health and harmony to our lives.

Animal Spirits And Their Meanings

Dolphin animal spirit encourages us to cleanse ourselves of things that have become emotionally unhealthy, this could be a relationship or the relationship to yourself. Dolphin spirit conjures fluid and powerful emotions which bring a bountiful zest for life, truth, and justice. Dolphin animal spirit says “never fear relationships or loving”. © as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott.Nature’s Oracle Cards

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  1. Linda Rae

    Fantastic! Thank you!

  2. jwuollife

    Such incredibly spiritual creatures, yet they can be so badly-treated in certain areas of the world.

    • Ian Scott

      Yes, and if people knew the karma to countries attached to these barbaric practises, I’m sure they would think twice.