Ancient Ogham Alphabet Rune Stones by psychic medium Ian Scott

About The Ogham See divination meanings by the artist psychic medium Ian Scott here >

The Word Ogham is pronounced OH-yam. Several of the runes stones still remaining have running around their edge a different alphabet from the runic, but one which still uses short straight lines. This is the Ogham alphabet. Just like Odin, Ogma is credited with having invented the Ogham script. This method of writing seems to have begun in Ireland, spreading to Wales, Scotland and parts of southern England.

The Ogham forms a sacred system, as well as hidden coded messages which only people of the order understood. The Ogham glyphs were carved around the edge of a stone in order to immortalise a hero, or carved on trees as posters. It is certain that the Druids used the Ogham letters, and again it is interesting to note that Druid teachings of the time were passed on by word of mouth, like those of the Qabalah and of the runes.

Casting Of The Ogham Stones

There are several different ways to cast runes, the most popular is to draw a single rune from a bag. After working with the runes for over thirty years trying many different tarot spreads and casting methods. I find drawing a singular runestone to be the most accurate after all the rune stones are an Oracle leading us to make right and correct decisions to bring about a positive rewarding future.

Place your hand in the bag full of runes move your fingers and hand about until you feel a rune stone fall into your hand it should require no clasping or grabbing. Some magi and runemasters read a reversed meaning to the runes depending on which way it is placed after drawing. And some don’t, I fall into the some don’t. I feel a rune stone falling into one’s hand the magic, not in the way we place it on a table, therefore I don’t read a reversed meaning to the runes. However, if you prefer to read a reversed meaning, remember it is not the opposite of its meaning. A reversed meaning is usually the negative of its meaning, not the polar opposite.

If you’re wanting a more comprehensive answer to a more complicated question. Lay a cloth out on a table shake the runes in your cupped hands and throw them onto the cloth. The runes which fall glyph upwards are the ones you read, start with the closest one to you and so forth.

The Ogham Rune Stones

Ogham fews were originally carved on wooden sticks called staves, these china clay tablets with the ogham letters engraved are the thoughts and invention of the author of this post. Both the rune stones and the ogham are an ancient alphabet of roughly the same time and era. I wish to revive the Ogham as a powerful magical set of markings with extraordinary meaning.

See Ogham divination meanings by the artist psychic medium Ian Scott here >

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