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Earth Mystics Great Meeting

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Online Short Story

The Tale Of The Hidden Oasis And The Earth Mystics

short story online
Earth Mystics online short story

Earth Mystics Hidden Oasis

Earth Mystics / Chapter seven – The Great Meeting

Without disappointment, the Earth Mystics Dulgu and Gawandah were seen in the exact same position where Elysha and her mother had last seen them and they appeared as magically as the first time, without warning and with the same warm light surrounding their very being. The vibe was positive and full of a feeling that can only be described as ‘love’. Their reassuring smiles put everyone at ease instantly then they gestured for everyone to come closer.
The boys were sweating, and Isis had a heart beating faster than a running horse as he realized he had dreamt of these two exact beings but in his dreams they were taking up different forms, in different embodiment, but the feeling and thoughts instilled in his mind during their presence was the exact same as the one in his dreams, well, one dream really, one dream that had repeated itself since as far back as he can remember.
Unusual to Isis was the fact that this reoccurring dream had made a habit of showing itself before a dangerous impending event occurred and it was almost as if it was an affirmation that everything would work out fine if he put his faith in these guides of such. So why were they here now? And in a physical form, what could be so dangerous or impending that they would show themselves here today? In this place, what was the purpose? How did this all fit together? It had to be something of importance because Elysha had dreams of warnings which led to this moment that was threaded together by coincidences and instincts, my gut and feeling, nothing was known but something was happening, it had become a puzzle with no visible pieces.

Earth Mystics Meeting

The mystics introduced themselves to the boys and reached over to shake their hands when they suddenly stopped when met by the eye contact of Isis. They looked at each other than around at the others and with slight hesitation slowly they leaned in to shake the hand of the young boy. Thoughts were the same all round “why did they hesitate at the touch of Isis? Were they scared? Or did they maybe sense fear in him? What were they thinking?” Seemingly everyone knew what the others were thinking, all of course except for Isis, no one could tell what his thoughts were, not even the mystics. Freely projecting their thoughts into the world, the mystics were not curious but just a little apprehensive about getting so close, for the first time since meeting they seemed to be in awe of something.
They touched and the contact created something unbelievable, something profound and something that shot through all of their minds, something no one could predict or control. Dream state, fog, blurred lines and clouds appeared around the oasis, engulfing them all, and putting the moment into a trance, nothing felt real and nothing went unfeeling. The air rose to cause a breeze around the group, the plants, trees, flowers, grass, the beings and people in the area and even the water in the stream and the clouds up above, everything had a feeling everything had thought and emotion and everything was open to connection and communication, then visions came, it was so fast though. How could anyone make anything out of such a scattered collection of random visions? Or maybe they weren’t random but rather collective.
These were the memories of all connected within the radius of the oasis. Elysha’s story and her mothers had unfolded in bits and pieces then the lives of the boys were shown in parts, and lastly the lives, many lives, of the earth mystics were revealed through a pinhole view of small and major events, all these were scattered without timeline reference so there was confusion set upon them all, except one, Isis. Isis had somehow managed to gather all the same information yet it was placed in perfect sequential patterns and burned in his mind.

Earth Mystics Power

He had demonstrated a power or maybe it was the mystics that knew of his power and put it up on display for his own knowledge. No one knew what it was that the others saw exactly, they just knew that their minds were inundated with fresh data and new information regarding all involved but without sense, random visions of lives lived and even a glimpse of something to come, something that involved them all, something important, and something that now only Isis knew of. It was something that he would have to find meaning to because as he had seen only he could make sense of it, then he would be able to pass on some valuable information to his friends, but it had to be done soon, it was imperative.
Following this there was much silence so the earth mystics took it upon themselves to break the uncomfortable ice by being the guides to the park, they took the children and showed them around the oasis pointing out parts they found important or were fond of in some way, they mentioned fact, myth, legend and historical events, anything and everything that would help fill any questions or gaps regarding their home. Lastly, they mentioned that it was, in fact, their home and permanent dwelling. This inadvertently set off sparks in the mind of Isis, this was clearly an important bit of information to make note of. Elysha made an unconscious note of this too. Why ? © Wendee Valencia